On May 19th and 20th, 2022, we were pleased to welcome our clients back to Dynamo University, our annual user conference. After nearly a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, everyone was excited to participate in a live event filled with networking, learning, and fun! In addition to hearing from Dynamo subject matter experts, including a number of client presentations, the audience enjoyed a special keynote from Tom Hardin, famously known as Tipper X, and Godmother of Metaverse, Cathy Hackl.

With a mix of educational and entertaining sessions, attendees seamlessly flowed between hands-on product trainings, one-on-one sessions with Dynamo professors, product demonstrations, and panel-style discussions. Here are some of the highlights from Dynamo University ’22.

Instructional Sessions | Alternative Investments Workflows & Processes

Attendees heard first-hand from Dynamo’s senior leaders, including Chief Executive Officer, Hank Boughner; founder and Chief Product Officer, Krassen Draganov, and Chief Administrative Officer, Kirk Williamson.

Dynamo’s product owners also took to the stage revealing key features and highlights of the company’s product roadmap. Several power users also participated in sessions, discussing best practices and sharing insights on how Dynamo has helped them drive success with their private investment strategy.

Hank Boughner addressing audience

Hank Boughner, CEO of Dynamo Software, addresses the Dynamo University ’22 audience.

One of the key highlights of the conference was the moderated panel discussion. The panelists, four of our clients across the General Partner (GP) and Limited Partner (LP) industries discussed keys to managing successful technology change at their organizations. Some of the tips shared during the session included strategies for securing project funding, how to ensure a successful technology implementation, and methods for generating buy-in from senior leadership and end-users.

DynamoU Panel Discussion

Dynamo University attendees listen intensely during a moderated panel discussion about managing successful technology change.

Mistakes, Forgiveness, and the Metaverse

Dynamo’s premier private investment industry user event also featured a few amazing external speakers!

When Tom Hardin took the stage, he provided an in-depth review of how he became FBI’s most productive cooperating witness in Operation Perfect Hedge, a sting set up by the federal government in 2007-2012 targeting the hedge fund industry. Hardin’s emotional and authentic presentation revealed how some of the decisions he made impacted those around him and the “forgiveness” journey he has gone through as a result of it. Attendees heard Hardin explain about owning mistakes, forgiving yourself for those mistakes and how to move forward.

Tom Hardin at DynamoU

Tom Hardin was all smiles after addressing the Dynamo University ’22 audience on May 19th, 2022 in Boston.

Talking about the future of technology and the Metaverse, Cathy Hackl challenged the audience members to think about how technology will evolve and the new types of investment opportunities it can create. She also pointed out the impact these technological advances will have on the world at large. After fielding questions about possible regulations, accessibility, and expected new developments, Hackl ended her session with a book signing and meet and greet!

Cathy Hackl at DynamoU

Dynamo’s CEO, Hank Boughner, and Godmother of the Metaverse, Cathy Hackl at Dynamo University ’22.

Making Memories at Mémoire’!

Rounding out some of the more intense sessions and training, attendees took an evening break and enjoyed a celebratory gathering at Boston’s Encore Casino’s premier nightclub, Mémoire’, for a fun night of refreshments and mingling.

Dynamo University Group photo

A celebratory mix of Dynamo employees and clients at Boston’s Encore casino during Dynamo University ’22.

After two invigorating days fueled with client feedback and first-hand user experiences, the Dynamo team left the conference inspired to continue delivering on our mission to be the leading end-to-end cloud platform for the alternative investments ecosystem.

We are so thankful to everyone for participating and making it such a great success! We’re already looking forward to next year!

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