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More than 120 asset allocators, including hedge and private equity funds of funds, rely on Dynamo™ to help optimize their investment processes. Our fund of funds CRM offers a suite of business-critical features, including: deal management, research management, due diligence, capital raising, and investor servicing tools.

Dynamo’s fund of funds software integrates with fund administrators and custodians, and even centralizes SMA holdings to help fund of funds reconcile their portfolios, exposures, investor transactions, and balances. Our comprehensive platform allows asset owners of all sizes to focus more on value added-decision making and less on data collection.

Fund of Funds Portfolio Management Tools

Dynamo’s fund of funds software delivers highly configurable, industry-specific capabilities to help you automate and centralize your investment processes. Our system can automate the collection of information from prospective and portfolio funds, giving you deeper insights into your investments. This process can be further automated by leveraging Dynamo Exchange and the Dynamo Data Integration Framework (DIF), reducing the amount of manual effort typically involved in these tasks.

Dynamo Exchange can be used to automate the collection and tagging of emails and their attachments, as well as data room documents, and account statements. The DIF provides pre-configured connectors for 3rd party data sources like Bloomberg, Preqin, Cap IQ, Sutton Place, and Pitchbook.

We also offer a powerful outsourcing service specifically to meet the challenges of funds of funds: normalizing the flood of information managers and administrators are constantly distributing. Dynamo’s HoldingsInsight service helps funds of funds collect, normalize, and augment underlying exposure information while visualizing the data through Dynamo reports and dashboards. We can even integrate 13F filings to augment the limited transparency typically seen from many managers.

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Streamline front-to-back office operations

Funds of funds can leverage our integration with the Microsoft Office® suite to get more out of the software you’re already familiar with. Allocators can access our fully integrated investor portal to ensure investment, marketing / IR, and back-office teams get up to speed quickly.

Customizable workflow automation tools help teams meet due diligence requirements, ensuring defined processes are followed, and even provides liquidity, exposure, and what-if reporting to help decide future allocations to managers.

Combine these with a feature-rich mobile app, and you’ve got a powerful piece of fund of funds software equipped for any need.

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