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Hedge Fund CRM & Investor Relations

Hedge fund software from Dynamo™ helps hundreds of alternative investment managers improve investor communications and capital raising, create structured, data driven research processes, reconcile investor accounting, and create a culture of compliance.

Dynamo is the leading hedge fund CRM and business process automation solution for over 300 fund managers worldwide. Out of the box, Dynamo delivers hedge fund-specific capabilities that offer streamlined execution of critical tasks and manage pre-defined workflows. Standard features help our hedge fund clients manage their research process, follow compliance policies, integrate with fund administrators, and improve investor relationships.

Marketing & Capital Raising Solution

Empower your marketing and capital raising with our customizable fundraising portal, which can be used to showcase funds, communicate and complete PPMs with potential investors and collect their activity data.

Advanced Investor Relationship Management

Dynamo’s investor portal is part of our industry-leading investor relations management system (IRM). Leverage Dynamo’s IRM platform to service investment accounts and produce investor-specific reporting using our customizable account statements and user interface.

We know your work doesn’t stop when you leave your computer, so we’ve created a feature rich mobile app allowing you to take Dynamo on the road.

Backed by an experienced, global team that has streamlined hedge fund and private equity operations since 1998, the Dynamo™ platform offers unparalleled configurability. We offer advanced user access controls and data security options to ensure your data is protected.

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Fully integrated to streamline your front-to-back office operations

Dynamo’s hedge fund CRM can help you eliminate hours of tedious work by integrating your existing processes into automated reports, workflows, and user-specific dashboards. To ensure you’re getting the most out of Dynamo, we’ve built in-depth integrations with the Microsoft Office® suite, Microsoft PowerBI®, Mailchimp®, DocuSign®, and many more. Dynamo Software also offers the Data Integration Framework (DIF), an API connector capable of feeding data from popular resources such as Bloomberg® and Preqin®.

Our proprietary workflow automation features allow you to focus on strengthening relationships with your investors while making more informed investment decisions.

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Hedge Fund CRM & Capital Raising

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