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Responsible investing is top of mind. Building out programs, standardizing and analyzing data, and even knowing where to start can be manual and daunting. With Dynamo, firms with fledgling ESG and Impact portfolios can see core metrics and practices, while more established programs can manage custom questions and create detailed analysis.

The ESG & Impact module works with existing frameworks and taxonomies, letting you cross-map and tag data points and retain data integrity as question framing changes over time. Dynamo’s secure, searchable database and configurable question bank ease the collection and storage of due diligence and annual survey outputs. Our interactive dashboards facilitate tracking the success of Impact & ESG Initiatives. Whether you have a developed ESG or Impact program, or are just getting started with responsible investing, Dynamo has the tools you need to gather data, monitor KPIs, create action plans, and track your success.

Monitor your portfolio & companies’ success

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Visualize your policy implementation progress internally and against benchmarks with drill-through capability for an in-depth understanding of where your firm is succeeding.

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See survey responses and implementation status at the company level for a detailed view of how each company is meeting KPIs.

Feature Highlights

Company Portal

Share active and previous surveys, policy checklists and other documents with portfolio companies.

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Workflow Automation

Send automated reminders & track data through multiple levels of approval.

Upload ESG KPIs as part of your financial statement collection.

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ESG Question Bank

Select questions from established frameworks including: SFDR PAIs, IRIS, GRESB, Data Convergence Project.

Analyze Company & Fund Data

PowerBI and chart-building plug-ins, Cross-portfolio formulas, benchmarking, and data aggregation.

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Excel add-in

Organize data from 3rd-party exports.

Data Integrations

Integrate with the Dynamo CRM and 3rd-party benchmark providers through our RESTful API and Data Integration Framework.

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Data & Document Repository

Consolidate survey responses and key metrics in a secure, searchable, cloud-based database.

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