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Your investors trust you to accurately record transactions, compute partnership allocations, and prepare quarterly reports. You can trust Dynamo to simplify your efforts and deliver consistent reporting. Dynamo Accounting is built upon a world-class, cloud-based FinTech platform serving the alternative investments ecosystem. It is a general ledger-based platform with strong financial reporting and accounting controls. Dynamo’s accounting engine automates back-office activities, including valuations, IRR computations, and waterfall allocations.

Tightly integrated with Excel, Dynamo makes it easy to verify formulas and calculation outputs and make adjustments as needed. With differing reporting requirements and partnership economics from investor to investor, fund to fund, or quarter to quarter, Dynamo makes it easy for users to modify which attributes they want to incorporate in reports and underlying calculations. Dynamo’s out-of-the-box report library makes it simple to generate US GAAP, ILPA and Invest Europe-compliant reporting including statements of net assets, operations, cash flows, changes in partners’ capital, and the schedule of portfolio investments. As your firm scales, Dynamo makes it easy to generate and distribute investor notices, account statements, and quarterly reports in our secure investor portal.

Precision Financial Reporting

Accounting dashboard

Visualize key financial data points at the portfolio and investor level, with configurable, directly-editable fields.

Create comprehensive fund profiles for a centralized look at valuations, controls, distributions to date, and other key details.

Feature Highlights

paper and calculator iconpaper and calculator icon

General Ledger-Based

Accurately maintain general ledgers for main funds, co-investment vehicles, SPVs, AIVs, general partner entities, and more.

Open envelope iconOpen envelope icon

Capital Calls

Calculate & distribute capital call notices including disclosures in ILPA format.

dynamo money icondynamo money icon

Stock and Cash Distributions

Calculate & distribute stock and cash distributions, including related waterfall computations.

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Capital Accounts

Report capital activity and partner allocations in any format, including quarterly, year to date and inception to date disclosures.

Industry Standard Reporting

Automate the preparation of your complete quarterly reporting package consistent with US GAAP, ILPA or Invest Europe standards.

Gross and Net IRR Calculations

Automate both investor and portfolio IRR calculations and related analyses over various dimensions.

Allocation Waterfalls

Customize your complex partner allocation waterfalls using our integrated Excel-based reporting tool.

Bank iconBank icon

General Partner Accounting

Automate General Partner financial statements, capital calls, distributions and flow through activity.

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“Before Dynamo, disseminating quarterly reports took 2-3 days. With Dynamo, we can get reports out to all of our funds in a day.”

CFO Fund Services

“[Dynamo Accounting] takes our investor servicing to the next level. Especially if you’re coming from using nothing, this is going to give you a lot more time.”

Frontier Growth Capital

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