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Dynamo™ Venture Capital CRM centralizes hundreds of fund managers’ operations, streamlining deal flow management, IR and capital raising. Dynamo also has advanced portfolio management, investor accounting, and compliance features. If it’s time for your firm to move forward, it’s time to be Dynamo Driven.

For 20 years Dynamo has automated the business processes of venture capital funds by empowering their deal management capabilities. Our advanced system combines our powerful CRM capable of tracking funds, investors, and more to create an industry-leading venture capital deal flow management software. Additional features include data analysis and structuring of research, investment, and portfolio company related workflows.

Simplified Investor Reporting

Investor relation teams use venture capital software by DynamoTM for investment pipeline and investor reporting tools to raise capital for new funds and automate their capital call, distribution notices and account statements.  Combined with the Dynamo Investor Portal, marketing new fund launches and managing ongoing communications in a world full of new global compliance regulations are a breeze.

The most recent addition to Dynamo’s offering is a powerful investor accounting and financial reporting system featuring an integrated general ledger. With Dynamo, even the most complicated waterfall calculations and investor statements can be automated and distributed via Dynamo’s venture capital CRM and posted to the investor portal. Investors using our portal can even have the option to run their own reports. As compliance concerns grow LPs demand more accounting and operational oversight from their fund managers. Dynamo can calculate or use integrated 3rd party fund administrator transactions and balances to ensure the accuracy of call and distribution notices and investor statements.


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Fully integrated to streamline your front-to-back office operations

When you use Dynamo, you’re using a system proven to optimize your firm’s activities. Our proprietary workflow automation features reduce manual tasks and ensure front and back-office teams get up to speed quickly. Dynamo’s venture capital software also integrates with the Microsoft Office® suite, allowing users to leverage Outlook® and Excel® easily.  Combine all of this with our feature-rich mobile app, and you have an industry-leading product that is ready to grow with you.

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