Areas we specialize in to keep you focused on what matters:

Deal/Acquisition Management

Automate your deal management process for increased transparency across your firm.

  • Automate and track tasks as each deal moves through the pipeline
  • Track complex deal/project structures with multiple investment opportunities
  • Evaluate and measure value of referral sources

Fundraising & Marketing

Share compelling marketing collateral, onboard new and prospective investors, and automate your capital raising process.

  • Engage and qualify prospective investors
  • Prepare and share personalized mass mailing blasts
  • View data from third-party providers directly in Dynamo

Investor Reporting & Tracking

Impress investors with portfolio transparency and anytime access to their financial and performance information.

  • Generate and share statements, reports, performance data and other documents in the secure Investor Portal
  • Monitor performance by Investor, asset and fund
  • Impress investors with portfolio transparency, including asset performance and image galleries

Portfolio & Asset Management

Manage the intricacies and complexities of your portfolio at the fund, portfolio, and asset level for detailed, in-depth insights.

  • Support for complex, multi-tiered investment structures tracking the full history of transactions, values, and performance metrics at all levels
  • Automated data collection via surveys and questionnaires delivered via secure web pages / portals
  • Capture critical, SPV-level data; documents & board minutes, key financial data, and more


Streamline and automate partnership accounting efforts into one single source of truth for a seamless front-to-back office investment management experience.

  • Allocate transactions and waterfall calculations
  • Generate and distribute PCAP statements and other financial documents
  • Fully integrated GL with configurable Chart of Accounts

Business Process Automation

Streamline repetitive and manual processes with configurable workflows and rules.

  • Fully automate your simple and complex business processes
  • End-user, rule-based workflow builder to amend existing and create new workflows
  • Support for highly complex approval workflows, with multiple approval levels and types
Optimisation of business and industrial process workflow and automation. Development of sofware for automatization managment. Gears on virtual screen.