Hear from some of our valued clients across our range of industries served about working with our system and team:

CapeCapital_logo CapeCapital_logo

Cape Capital

“It’s now extremely convenient to create any kind of overview on performance and transactions and find any information and documentation we need. We know everything is in one place, and that has certainly improved the process.”

Basin Street logo Basin Street logo

Basin Street Properties

“The portal is formatted how we want it; it’s orderly, professional, and clean. Investors don’t have to wait for their envelope to show up in the mail. They can find the information they need from today or any previous quarters. It’s all right there: secure, yet quickly accessible.”

SQN_logo SQN_logo

SQN Investors

“Dynamo has made it much easier to compile information and put the notes together. It’s extremely helpful to have it all in one place and pull up the full record of everything.”



“Reporting in Dynamo is undoubtedly much easier. It’s super flexible in the way you can pull out data and display it, and chop it up. It’s one of our key uses.”

NORD_logo NORD_logo

Nord Holding

“Nothing can get missed and best practice standards are maintained. All the information and relevant hurdles for our acquisition projects are reflected in Dynamo.”

BoardPensions_logo BoardPensions_logo

Board of Pensions

“Access to our data is much simpler. The beauty of that is anyone on our investment team can see where we are in a cash cycle. All that standard stuff that people might need is right there at the fingertips. We really love the system.”

FrontierGrowth_logo FrontierGrowth_logo

Frontier Growth

“Dynamo is a very full service, it’s so much more sophisticated. It takes our investor servicing to the next level. You can’t measure the cost of a client calling you saying they received the wrong statement on your portal. Dynamo does all of that for us. Peace of mind is the biggest return on investment.”

APS_logo APS_logo

APS Asset Management

“Dynamo has a modern approach with an advanced mobile app. It is now easier to build and track our client pipeline and keep all members of our global team up-to-date on investor activities. The ease of use helped increase user adoption”

CFO_logo CFO_logo

CFO Fund Services

“Dynamo is such a critical part of our business that without it we would be half the size that we are.”

Independencia_logo Independencia_logo

Independencia Asset Management

“The portal gives investors a complete look at what they have with Independencia in just a couple clicks. They know where they can find the information, and they are very happy about it, too.”

icon-infrastructure_logo icon-infrastructure_logo

iCON Infrastructure

“With Dynamo, information flows through the organization more fluidly.”

PerpetualInvestors_logo PerpetualInvestors_logo

Perpetual Investors

“With Dynamo, as much know-how as possible is available to the organization and not hidden in the heads of individuals.”

HPE Growth logo HPE Growth logo

HPE Growth Capital

“Dynamo has served as an excellent choice for consolidating our deal and contact information.”

TexasA&MFoundation_logo TexasA&MFoundation_logo

Texas A&M Foundation

“It’s been a tremendous time saver, between uploading and downloading documents and being able to find them.”

Clearbell_logo Clearbell_logo

Clearbell Capital

“Dynamo is so flexible that we are constantly finding new ways to use the product."

CarthonaCapital_Logo CarthonaCapital_Logo

Carthona Capital

“Dynamo Software has been a terrific choice for centralizing our firm-wide operations, and has provided us the solution to ensure we hit all our goals as we continue to expand.”

Kamehameha School Foundation_logo Kamehameha School Foundation_logo

Kamehameha School Foundation

“Dynamo really helped organize documents in a user-friendly and easily searchable way”

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