Evaluate your portfolio companies with Dynamo

Your portfolio companies are always in motion. Gathering data from finance teams at each company can be difficult and time consuming and standardizing qualitative KPIs is challenging. Dynamo PMV helps GPs automate the tasks of gathering, analyzing, and reporting on portfolio performance for asset-level operating metrics (financial and KPIs), performing valuation, and creating fund overviews.

Dynamo offers an out-of-the-box report library, configurable workspaces and dashboards, robust Excel integration, and integration with Dynamo’s other modules such as Accounting, CRM, and Portfolio Management modules.

We host a dedicated portal for portfolio companies where they can access their own data and documents, as well as custom dashboards from our report library or designed by you as an admin. With Dynamo PMV, portfolio companies can effortlessly submit information, empowering your team to perform valuations and analyze fund- and asset-level value creation.

Understand your portfolio company performance

Detailed reporting, relationship mapping, and engagement tracking

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Create a centralized view of all the key metrics your team needs to see at the portfolio level, with editable fields, interactive charts, and drill-through capability.


Generate detailed tear sheets with consolidated financial and qualitative, non-financial KPIs so you can see a dynamic picture of your portfolio companies’ performance.

Feature Highlights


Flexible Valuation and waterfall methods. Perform valuations in-system or in Excel.

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Data Approval Workflows

Send automated reminders and track, approve, reject, and comment on data with audit trails for accountability.

Company Portal

Portfolio company portal with flexible templates for individual financial statements, documents, and surveys.

Analyze Company & Fund Track Record

Roll-up NAV, IRR, and other calculations using formulas, charts, and PowerBI in a searchable database.

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Report Library

Pre-configured reports for tear sheets, quarterly reports, valuation, valuation bridge, IRR, and ownership

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Excel add-in

Use Excel to pull data for ad hoc reports, fill out information requests, and complete 3rd-party forms

Data Integrations

Integrate with Preqin, CapIQ, Bloomberg, and other 3rd-party providers. Use our RESTful API to connect Dynamo data with other applications.

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Document Repository

Compile financial data, deal files, contacts, preferences, and news for investors and companies

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Learn how a dedicated, integrated portfolio monitoring and valuation platform can simplify reporting efforts for both your portfolio companies and your internal team.




“Dynamo PMV has an excellent reputation in the market for providing clients with exceptional service supported by deep industry knowledge and a robust technology platform.”

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