In collaboration with Treedom, Dynamo employees are growing hundreds of  trees as part of our Dynamo Forest, in 4 different countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, and Tanzania), where they will help absorb CO2 and bear valuable fruits for the livelihood of the local communities. Every single tree is photographed and geolocated at the moment it is planted in the ground, to ensure transparency of our commitment to the planet, and allow each of you to follow the story of the project the tree belongs to online. Local communities take care of the trees over time, develop new skills and build a future that is as environmentally sustainable as it is economical. Today they are seedlings, but tomorrow our trees will provide food, shelter and income opportunities, as well as helping to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.


The Dynamo Forest (planted by our 400+ global employees)

Why Dynamo Has Partnered with Treedom

The environmental benefits of Treedom projects

Trees are valuable allies in the fight against climate change because they produce oxygen and absorb CO2­, trapping it in their trunks, branches and roots. In doing so, they improve air quality and help lower temperatures by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Thanks to their roots, they counteract soil erosion and create an undergrowth capable of intercepting rainwater. By offering shelter and nourishment to various plant and animal species, they protect the biodiversity of the areas in which they grow.


The socio-economic benefits for the communities involved in Treedom projects

Treedom projects aim to have a positive impact not only on the environment in which they intervene, but also on the people who inhabit it. This is why the project areas are located in developing countries, where the benefits of trees can really make a difference. Communities are trained step by step, acquiring skills that they can in turn transfer to others, and all the trees planted remain the property of the farmers who take care of them. Fruit trees, in particular, enrich their diet and provide them with an income opportunity through sales in local markets.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

With Treedom’s agroforestry projects, they pursue 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN member states for 2030.

  • No poverty – Farmers can multiply harvest times and income opportunities.
  • Zero hunger – Trees improve the productivity of existing crops and their fruits enrich farmers’ diets.
  • Quality education – Farmers learn how to build a nursery, practice grafting, and manage forestry sustainably.
  • Gender equality – Women acquire skills and responsibility, gaining an opportunity for economic independence.
  • Climate change – Trees improve air quality, and help lower temperatures by removing CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Life on land – Trees combat soil erosion and desertification. They provide shelter and nourishment for various plant and animal species, promoting biodiversity
  • Partnership for the goals – The projects involved NGOs, associations, institutional actors and local populations in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy.
  • Decent work and economic growth – By harvesting and selling fruits, farmers diversify their income and in some cases start micro-entrepreneurship initiatives.
  • Reducing inequalities – Local people gain an income opportunity and acquire skills to build a sustainable future.
  • Responsible consumption and production – Farmers use reclaimed materials and locally available resources, limiting travel to a minimum.


Some of the Organizations Dynamo Supports

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