Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management & Analytics

A diversified portfolio presents multiple avenues for income, but it also presents multiple streams of performance to track, predict, and balance. Having a consolidated, cross-portfolio view makes it simple to manage your overall portfolio, mitigate risk, and plan smart allocations and exits. Dynamo’s portfolio management software (PMS) allows institutional investors to centralize and report on investment performance at the individual, asset class, and portfolio levels, and visualize performance against historical data, benchmarks, and future scenarios. Working in tandem with Dynamo’s research management module, Dynamo Data Automation, and Dynamo Data Services, Dynamo PMS helps you integrate your performance reporting and ongoing due diligence efforts and reduces time spent aggregating data, so your team can turn valuable data into practical, meaningful analysis.

Drill-through your portfolio performance

Detailed reporting, relationship mapping, and engagement tracking

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Create high-level overviews of your portfolio performance with editable fields and drill-through capability to dig deeper into individual investments.

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Dynamically calculate projected future cash flows and valuations for hypothetical, interested, and actualized private investments, incorporating investment to date data.

Feature Highlights

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Multi-Asset Class Reporting

Consolidate your cross-portfolio performance data for simplified reporting and analysis.

Performance Analytics & Benchmarks

Generate look through returns, composite analyses, and blended benchmarks by TWRR and IRR methodologies.

Private Investment Analytics

Visualize commitments, J-curves, IRR and PME calculations, performance, cashflows, and fund analytics.

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Private Markets Analytics

Calculate risk metrics, liquidity, exposure, correlation, and benchmark comparisons.

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Cashflow Forecasting

Calculate cash flow projections, actuals, and allocation targets using the Yale Endowment Model.

Exposure Analysis

Analyze exposure at investor, portfolio, manager, fund, and holding levels including comparisons and look-throughs.


Distill current and future liquidity terms including liquidation, notice dates, and redemption amounts.

What-If Modeling

Simulate hypothetical NAV-weighted exposures and cash positions for current and prospective investments.

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Configurable Reports

Choose from our out-of-the-box report library or configure your own reports and visualizations.

Unified Platform

Integrate with Dynamo RMS, DDA, and Dynamo Data Services for a complete portfolio picture.

Download the Portfolio Management & Analytics Brochure

Learn how Dynamo PMS can paint a detailed picture of your investment performance and guide decision-making.




“Reporting in Dynamo is undoubtedly much easier. It’s super flexible in the way you can pull out data and display it, and chop it up. It’s one of our key uses.”

BAE Systems Pension Fund Investment Management

“We constructed workspaces to display various components of data to ease of review across the entire team. You can change the year and get comparisons, which has been a huge help.”

Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church

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