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In the fast-paced world of alternative investments, staying ahead requires tools that offer precision, security, and efficiency. Dynamo Investor Portal is your gateway to revolutionizing how you interact with your investment portfolio, ensuring optimal engagement and a professional presence with your clients.

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Empower Your Investors & Look Your Best

Dynamo’s new Investor Portal is a leap toward digital excellence in investor communications. By combining innovative technology with a deep understanding of the alternative investment landscape, Dynamo empowers your team to build stronger, more engaging relationships with clients, backed by an authoritative platform that you can trust. Don’t wait to see the next-generation of investor portal solutions with Dynamo.

Streamline Fundraising Success with Dynamo's Integrated Investor Portal

Dynamo’s secure Investor Portal provides a digital fundraising experience to accelerate capital raising. With Dynamo’s robust fundraising and marketing tools seamlessly integrated into its Investor Portal software, you can consolidate and organize investment processes to enhance transparency and foster collaboration across your firm. By leveraging this platform, you can precisely target and engage with ideal investors, gather pertinent investor details and documents, and seamlessly onboard new investors as they commit to your fund—all within a secure, cloud-based system designed for cohesion and efficiency.

Experience the power of Dynamo’s Investor Portal in optimizing your fundraising strategies and unlocking new opportunities for growth and success in your fundraising initiatives.

Feature Highlights

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Document Management

Effortlessly upload documents for preview on-screen or download.

Tax Center

Enable and monitor electronic consent for investors to access and download K-1s and other critical tax documents through the Tax Center.

Fund Marketing

Share marketing materials, and monitor investor engagement.

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Investor Onboarding

Onboard investors into new fund offerings with robust KYC, AML, and sub-doc materials, including DocuSign capabilities.

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Investor Reporting

Allow investors to slice and dice performance data and drill through for more detailed insights.

Portfolio Tracking

Provide your investors with in-depth visibility into private company or property holdings, offering key performance indicator (KPI) data, latest news, and detailed performance metrics.

Web Forms & FileShare

Securely obtain investor information requests, two-way document sharing, and configurable web forms for data collection.

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Security & Compliance

Safeguard your data and share content with full access control powered by Dynamo’s enhanced security measures on our secure cloud platform. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your content is protected by leading encryption protocols, robust access controls, and continuous monitoring to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards.

"There Wasn't a Good Repository for All our Communication - But Once We Adopted Dynamo, It was Like Day and Night."

PE Firm Talks Candidly About Investor Communications

Harris Preston & Partners, a unique private equity firm focusing solely on co-investment opportunities, shares their transformation journey from manual processes in QuickBooks and Excel to the streamlined efficiency and enhanced accuracy achieved through their Dynamo Software implementation. The transition to Dynamo not only improved data management but also elevated team productivity, reporting quality, and investor communication with their private equity investor portal, fostering a long-term partnership built on gratitude and support with the Dynamo team.

Interactive, Highly-Configurable Dashboard: Experience Real-Time Engagement

Dynamo Investor Portal offers a highly-configurable, real-time engagement platform that integrates live updates and comprehensive analyses, tailored with your branding.

Re-imagined Document Management

The new Dynamo Investor Portal simplifies tax documentation with its dedicated Tax Center, ensuring capital calls, distributions, and essential tax documents are streamlined and secured.

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Learn how Dynamo's investor portal gives your investors security, transparency, and autonomy.

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customer testimonials image

“Through the strategic implementation of Dynamo’s CRM, Investor Portal, and Fundraising modules, SPI Advisory has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency, improved its investor communications, and streamlined fundraising processes.”

SPI Advisory

“The Dynamo Investor Portal is an excellent platform and investor resource. It’s a big benefit for our investors and a significant part of Basin Street’s innovation efforts.”

Basin Street Capital

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Join the future of investment strategy with the new Dynamo Investor Portal. Elevate your client engagement, secure your documents, and stay ahead in the competitive world of ALTS.