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Cap Intro, Prime Brokerage, Fund Admin

The Dynamo Platform™ is trusted by service providers to the alternative investment industry as a key part of their infrastructure.  Prime brokers, fund administrators, consultants and other vendors serving hundreds of private investment funds and institutions are Dynamo Driven™.

Dynamo’s highly configurable, private investment-specific capabilities organize and automate many of the business processes of fund managers, deal makers and the asset owners that invest in them.  As many of these efforts can be augmented or completely outsourced by third-party providers, Dynamo’s 20 years of focusing on these challenges for both GPs and LPs also make it a system of choice for their vendors.  Beyond the industry-specific features Dynamo enables for service delivery, our powerful CRM and sales pipeline management capabilities are also typically used by these firms as their primary business development and client communications system.

Relationship Management

Dynamo’s Private Equity and Hedge Fund CRM clarifies capital raising and deal syndication pipelines and the potentially complex relationships that exist among sophisticated investors like high-net-worth individuals, family offices, endowments, pensions, and other institutional pools of capital.

Data Integrations

Integration with data providers helps source investors and deals and captures their profiles to understand their investment goals and deal metrics.  Whether it’s an evergreen fund with perpetual on and off-shore fundraising efforts or a capital commitment structure with calls and distributions, Dynamo can drive the entire process.

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Fully integrated features to streamline your operations & client interactions

The Dynamo Investor Portal is fully integrated with the CRM and investor accounting features that empower marketers and fund administrators alike with e-signature integration for PPMs or compliance affirmations, and event management capabilities with rsvp tracking.

Out-of-the-box features also help manage compliance issues specific to marketing and servicing global alternative investments like KYC, AIFMD, Form PF, MAS, and FATCA.  As data security issues and related regulations make marketing and general communication efforts a source of operational risk, Dynamo’s standard features help services firms manage GDPR and similar issues.

Dynamo’s partnership accounting features can automate the most complicated waterfall calculations and produce and distribute investor notices and account statements. In addition to using Dynamo internally, service providers can also directly integrate with their clients’ Dynamo instance to automate data and document sharing without manual effort. It’s time for your operations and client ecosystem to be Dynamo Driven.


Be Data Driven by becoming Dynamo Driven!

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