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Real estate investors worldwide leverage highly configurable real estate deal management software from Dynamo™, with tools for your Fundraising/Marketing, Investor Relations, Acquisitions, Accounting, and Portfolio Management teams. Dynamo boasts investor relations, partnership accounting, and business automation features to streamline operations and help investors become more data and process driven.

Real estate investment management is made simple with the real estate-specific capabilities Dynamo offers out of the box, empowering streamlined execution of your marketing and fundraising. Dynamo users can give prospective investors access to investment data via a fully integrated investor portal with reporting capabilities, and e-signature functionality through DocuSign®.

Flexible & Configurable Work Space

Dynamo real estate investment software’s flexible entity, field and interface layouts foster collaboration and increase user adoption across the organization. With over 20 years transforming private asset managers’ operations, Dynamo’s seasoned team can help you centralize your front and back offices and save you and your investors valuable time.

Dynamo’s granular user permissions allow you to segregate access  to information at the business, team, or user level, and enable your team to focus their efforts on analysis instead of burning hours manually hunting down documents, extracting data, and running reports.

Dynamo’s real estate investment CRM enables you to streamline investment decisions by centralizing your deal pipeline with easy access to documentation, correspondence, activities, custom data fields, and reporting. Users can define custom workflows to automatically create and manage tasks as deals move through the pipeline. Dynamo automates how you process and store large quantities of property research, build portfolios, and manage internal and external recommendations through integration with third party data providers and internal tools you’re already familiar with, including:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Adobe
  • Tableau
  • PowerBI

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Fully integrated to streamline your front-to-back office operations

Our real estate software now also offers PEView, a powerful investor accounting and financial reporting system integrated with a flexible general ledger. With compliance concerns high, Dynamo’s partnership accounting capabilities through PEView help investors meet LPs’ demands for tighter controls and more detailed investor accounting. Users can automate call and distribution notices and investor statements that can then be distributed through Dynamo’s real estate CRM and investor reporting portal, for a seamless integration.

Dynamo has road warrior real estate investors covered with a feature-rich mobile app and proprietary workflow automation features that ensure front and back-office teams stay in sync no matter where they are. If it’s time to make your real estate investment data driven, it’s time to become Dynamo Driven™.

It’s time to be Dynamo Driven!

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