There’s a better way with Dynamo Data Automation

Asset allocators, who are inundated with content from their portfolio funds, don’t have time to sift through a flood of emails and documents. They need the ability to pinpoint relevant content rapidly for better decision making.
Gone are the days of the uncategorized data deluge! Dynamo’s cutting-edge technology and white-glove service empower asset allocators to focus on what matters. They ultimately benefit from the speed, consistency, quality, configurability, and transparency of Dynamo’s end-to-end cloud platform.

Before Dynamo Automation…

  • Manual content sourcing from emails and portals is labor intensive
  • Manual data extraction impedes getting data on time
  • Slow process = wasted time and resources
  • Data quality issues affect analysis accuracy
  • Fewer data points hinder optimal decision making
  • Frustrated and less productive ops and finance teams

After Dynamo!

  • Highly automated content sourcing saves significant time
  • Automated data extraction speeds data availability
  • Faster process = increased efficiency
  • Accurate and complete data supports better decision making
  • More data points extracted enable more thorough analysis
  • Highly productive finance and ops teams

What makes our offering unique?

  • A single, integrated platform for data processing, research management and portfolio management
  • Flexibility to address each client’s data processing scope, speed, and accuracy requirements
  • Focused on the needs of asset allocators
  • Benefit from the product input of Dynamo’s large and growing LP client base

Collect External Content

The first step in making use of the valuable data stored inside the unstructured content is efficiently aggregating it.

Key outcomes

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-01 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-01

Automate the collection of unstructured content

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-02 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-02

Speed up content collection

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-03 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-03

Improve employee productivity

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-04 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-04

Store the content in a fully-functional research management system


DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-05 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-05


DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-06 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-06


DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-07 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_01-CCo-07


Categorize Collected Content

With all content in one place, DynamoAI applies ML and client feedback to accurately categorize it with logical and searchable tags.

Key outcomes

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-01 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-01

Automate the categorization of content

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-02 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-02

Automate the renaming of the categorized content

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-03 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-03

Speed up all processes

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-04 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-04

Increase the accuracy of all processes

From raw content to actionable data

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-07 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-07


DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-08 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-08


DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-09 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-09


DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-10 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_02-CCa-10

Custom Fields

Data Extraction

Extracting structured data from raw content unlocks its true value.

Key outcomes

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-01 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-01

Automate the extraction of data from any manager-provided document

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-02 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-02

Speed up data extraction

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-03 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-03

Increase the accuracy of data extraction

Extracted data types

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-04 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-04


DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-05 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-05


DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-06 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-06


DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-07 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_03-DEx-07

Underlying holdings

Data Validation

Clean data means accuracy of downstream financial reporting and content use.

Key outcomes

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_04-DV-01 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_04-DV-01

Validated qualitative and quantitative data

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_04-DV-02 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_04-DV-02

Reduce the potential for human error via automated error checks

Validation types

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_04-DV-03 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_04-DV-03

Automated by Dynamo:

  • Before source content is available (monitor for missing documents)
  • Before data is imported to staging
  • Before data is pushed to production
DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_04-DV-04 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_04-DV-04

Client-driven validation layer:

  • Client-visible reports
  • “Crowdsourced” across multiple clients investing in the same assets
DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_04-DV-05 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_04-DV-05

Manual data validation by Dynamo

Data Enrichment

When third-party data is needed to make your data even better.

Key outcomes

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_05-DEn-03 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_05-DEn-03

Improve data quality

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_05-DEn-02 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_05-DEn-02

Increase staff productivity:

  • Dynamo will source the data
  • Dynamo will blend the data

Validation types

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_05-DEn-04 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_05-DEn-04


  • Business descriptions
  • Addresses
  • Security issuers
DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_05-DEn-05 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_05-DEn-05


  • Security market prices
  • Other financial metrics

Data Retrieval and Use

All qualitative and quantitative data at your fingertips in one system.

Key outcomes

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-01 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-01

Manager emails and documents fully categorized and stored inside Dynamo

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-02 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-02

Extracted quantitative data inside Dynamo

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-03 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-03

No additional integration or delays in access

Validation types

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-04 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-04

Access manager emails and documents anytime, anywhere

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-05 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-05

Run portfolio reports based on the extracted data

DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-06 DS-Icons DDA-dark mode_06-DRU-06

Reconcile extracted data against data from other sources (admin, custodian)

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