Take Your Exposure Analysis to a New Level

Your investments run deep, especially in the alternative assets classes, when fund managers invest on your behalf. Reporting on your portfolio’s underlying holdings can improve the accuracy of your analysis, but with a portfolio spanning multiple asset classes and investment structures, capturing this data can be costly, slow, or simply overwhelming for your in-house team.

With state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team of analysts, the Dynamo Data Services team captures and normalizes the valuable holdings data locked in the financial statements. Direct integration with Dynamo’s portfolio management module allows you to view your underlying holdings alongside all other portfolio data without having to switch between systems. The end result: quality, detailed, timely underlying holdings data at your fingertips without the hassle, cost, or delays of manual processing. Crisp exposure reports for management and analysts alike that support risk management decision making across any slicing of your or your clients’ portfolios.

Visualize Your Portfolio Exposures

Exposure By Region Screenshot

Analyze your exposure to a variety of categories, such as geography or sector, for any grouping or at any level of the portfolio.

Historical Exposure Screenshot

Access the raw data for a deeper look during ongoing investment due diligence.

Feature Highlights

Exposure Analysis

Understand your exposure to sectors, geographies, asset classes, and many more categories.

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Data on Any Asset Class

Private and public underlying investments of funds in any asset class: private equity, real assets, marketables, etc.

High Quality Data

Our stringent internal controls will give you comfort in the quality of the data you receive.

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Comprehensive Data

More data points, more time-series data, and multiple data “universes.”

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From tailored service scope to configurable reports and nomenclature, you are in the driver’s seat.

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Take control of your data anywhere, in the user interface or via reports, Excel, or APIs.

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Learn how Dynamo HoldingsInsight helps you gain an enriched understanding of your portfolio holdings.




“Dynamo and its HoldingsInsight service drive our endowment’s multi-asset class portfolio reporting and have transformed how we capture and analyze exposures.”

University of Pennsylvania Investment Office

“The HoldingsInsight team is fabulous. They’re an extremely knowledgeable, thorough, brilliant team. I don’t know that we would get that anywhere else, especially for our full portfolio.”

Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church

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