Keys to Achieving Modern Asset Management

Experience an exclusive on-demand webinar introducing two groundbreaking tools poised to revolutionize your investment portfolio management: HoldingsInsight and Dynamo Data Automation (DDA).

HoldingsInsight addresses challenges by delivering detailed holdings data across diverse asset classes, enhancing transparency, providing insights into various exposures, and compiling essential company metrics for thorough due diligence. Investment teams benefit from tailored exposure reporting and seamless data export options for intelligent decision-making.

Concurrently, Dynamo Data Automation (DDA) leverages AI to streamline data management processes, automating document handling, data extraction, and validation tasks, optimizing operational workflows, and simplifying GP data processing.

Explore how Dynamo’s solutions tackle common data management pain points and enhance portfolio transparency, witness practical demonstrations of HoldingsInsight and DDA integration, and gain insights from industry experts Austin Monsrud, CFA, Private Equity Analyst of Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) and Marcia Force, Investment Analyst II of Van Andel Institute.

Engage with Dynamo to redefine your data management approach, elevate asset allocation strategy, and unlock operational excellence.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your investment operations.

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