Dynamo University featured many insightful sessions highlighting both the Dynamo platform and our clients who leverage it to drive their firms forward. The first day of Dynamo University featured a session named, Client Spotlight: Success from The Frontline, an insightful panel discussion moderated by Michelle O’Connell, Global Head of Implementation at Dynamo. The three power users went into detail on how Dynamo has helped grow and scale their businesses, challenges and lessons learned, and the business impact Dynamo has delivered for their firms.

Set a Strong Foundation

The first client, a private investment services leader at a large independent investment management firm with more than $1 trillion in assets under management kicked off the session diving into their journey with Dynamo. Growing from a Hedge Fund into a Private Equity firm, they needed to increase efficiency. Drowning in a sea of manual and unconnected spreadsheets, the firm sought consolidation and to operationalize their practices. In their four years with Dynamo, they have improved efficiency, reduced risk and have full access to real-time consolidated data.

Don’t Try to Boil the Ocean

The second client, a leader of portfolio management and capability at a global real estate and venture capital firm that owns or has invested in over 1 billion square feet around the world. The client shared that they started with all data in Excel spreadsheets and in employees’ heads and knew that they needed a platform. After a couple of false starts with other providers, they found a partner in Dynamo. Easing into the Dynamo platform, they started with fund administration and accounting. Through that software, they shaved four days off reporting per quarter, per fund. Seeing the time savings and getting to learn the system, they started adding additional modules in Dynamo but share the warning, “don’t try to boil the ocean” and recommended focusing on incremental wins that can help build trust within your team while gaining momentum.

Over Communicate and Create Visibility

The third client, an operations director at a large endowment with over $3B in assets under management, has been with Dynamo for nearly 10 years. The client shared that Dynamo has created visibility for their investment professionals. Processing thousands of emails and documents created a problem, but through workflows and auto-tagging, they can categorize, store and search for documents easily. This has also proven helpful during the audit process. Working with Dynamo, they created an internal blog to provide visibility and ensure that the entire team is informed.

Throughout the session, seven key themes emerged that were consistently shared:

  1. Don’t boil the ocean, build over time!
  2. Investing in automation will save time and energy later
  3. Create a platform to reduce operational errors from manual input (such as Excel)
  4. Leverage Dynamo’s power in data relationships and tags to share information
  5. Socialize the project objectives to gain user adoption
  6. Be agile: the target will change as the business evolves
  7. Stay engaged with Dynamo and your client services team – they are here to help!


To hear from other Dynamo clients directly, watch our client videos to learn how they are using Dynamo to optimize their investment workflows. Learn more about the Dynamo Software Platform or if reach out and request a demo today!