Workflow Automation

Dynamo Workflow Automation

Let your data drive your processes and your processes drive your data with Dynamo’s workflow automation capabilities.

Centralizing your information is the first step to being data driven.  Now, Dynamo can empower your team’s collaboration and help guide processes through automated:

  • Data changes
  • Task assignments
  • Authenticated Approvals
  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Reporting

Dynamo is Rules Driven

We use rules to drive customized workflows that typically eliminate the need to manually start processes.  Similar to the rules used in Dynamo’s automated email and document capturing feature, processes can be kicked off based on data or events in the system. Rules can also determine what data needs to be entered into certain fields, going beyond simple task assignments.

“Thanks to Dynamo’s automation features, we now have everyone on the same page come Monday morning and we can immediately generate the needed reports.”


Growth Capital

Trigger tasks and next steps

When a prospective client (or investment / deal) reaches a certain stage in the pipeline, Dynamo can automatically assign tasks to team members that need to complete the next steps in the process while at the same time entering or changing data in fields that may trigger a flag or even automatically run a report that alerts a team member of the milestone.

There are many things that could warrant a similar approach, especially considering internal policies, procedures and compliance issues that typically span front-to-back-office data and team members. Using the power of Dynamo, our clients spend less time manually reminding themselves of such policies, and instead, let the system drive the process whenever possible.



Here’s a simple rule to live by:

IF you have a need to automate, THEN…

It’s time to be Dynamo Driven

Want to be

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