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Dynamo Software’s research management solution drives hundreds of GPs’ and LPs’ investment research processes while facilitating operational and corporate due diligence efforts. Dynamo is designed specifically for the complex and often proprietary research approaches by portfolio managers investing across many asset classes.

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RMS for Institutions & Asset Allocators

Hundreds of asset owners use Dynamo’s research management capabilities to optimize their research and investment processes across multiple asset classes. Dynamo drives LPs’ research on: traditional/publicly traded securities and funds, alternative funds, direct private deals, and hard assets.

Dynamo has specific reporting and interfaces for fund manager tracking and due diligence, allowing you to combine operational reviews with investment and quantitative measures. Management company profiles are linked to the funds and other products they offer to eliminate data and document redundancy and simplify reporting. Historical fund performance and exposures are captured to give you a 360-degree view and enable robust manager reports and tear sheets. Combined with existing portfolio data, Dynamo’s what-if reporting shows the potential impacts on overall portfolio exposures.

Global ODD teams leverage Dynamo’s flexible interface and entity structure to construct their processes as they see fit, using their own terminology. Dynamo’s robust relational structure allows you to centralize service provider due diligence with links to the managers and funds that use their services.

Native integration with Outlook® and the Microsoft Office® suite, paired with the Dynamo Exchange rules engine and workflow management features, help expedite due diligence and ongoing monitoring of portfolio managers, direct deals, co-investments, and even vendors by automatically linking and routing imported data and communications to relevant profiles.

RMS for Deal Teams & Fund Managers

For over 20 years, the Dynamo Platform has helped clients structure a variety of deal management efforts for private equity, venture capital, corporate development, and M&A teams worldwide. The Dynamo platform is designed specifically for the multi-faceted research efforts around private and public investments in individual companies, properties, and other “deals.”

Our platform drives deep relationship tracking, exceptional document and data management, and team collaboration. Turning your research data and conclusions into visualized data and automated actions is a primary goal for Dynamo. Centralizing research in its various forms in Dynamo allows for visibility into your process at any stage. Dynamo’s automated workflow features provide data and activity driven management tools to ensure your entire organization knows and is accountable for their responsibilities.

“Dynamo is a mainstay for our communications, investment research, and due diligence operations .”

University of Oregon

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Configurable software that works for you

Dynamo’s flexible user interface and robust data model allow for our clients to adopt our out-of-the-box setup, or configure the system to their specific needs. Using our base CRM and document management capabilities as a foundation, users can then configure the system to meet their more complex needs, including:

  • Entity structures
  • Naming conventions
  • User interface preferences
  • Data structures
  • Workflows


It’s time to be DynamoDrivenTM

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Case Study:
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