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Portfolio Monitoring – Preqin Solutions

Dynamo’s Preqin Solutions streamlines the portfolio monitoring and valuation process for GPs and LPs participating in direct investments. Access the actionable insight you need to grow companies with automated workflows to compile portfolio company data, and produce insightful stakeholder reporting. Preqin Solutions Portfolio Monitoring software helps you automate portfolio review, monitor key initiatives, and get alerted to potential issues before they arise.

Portfolio Monitoring & Management Software

Preqin Solutions from Dynamo helps you create a uniform, transparent, and compliant portfolio monitoring process. Automate data collection, from granular asset-level metrics to fund overviews, and receive notifications of updates and changes to portfolio companies and funds.

Full, secure integration with our CRM allows you to store validated files, deal documents, and policies in a centralized repository, and extract this data directly into existing models or LP reports using the cloud or Excel Live Link.

If your firm is looking to implement an ESG or Impact strategy, Dynamo’s Preqin Solutions ESG and Impact Investing Module helps you monitor your ESG portfolio.

Portfolio and Fund Valuations

Preqin Solutions improves the efficiency, transparency, and credibility of your valuation process. Your investors can self-report performance data to a single repository that is fully compatible with different valuation methodologies, but flexible enough to adapt to varying levels of complexity. The accounting team can then quickly calculate complex, fully IPEV compliant waterfalls and cap tables across different asset classes and with alternative valuation methodologies.

With Preqin Solutions, you can create editable, shareable, fund-level reports that roll up Nav, IRR, and other key financial and performance metrics.

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Conduct Fund Analysis to See The Full Picture

Portfolio fund analysis functionality helps you truly understand your exposure with interactive analytics and a sophisticated solution that combines both valuation and cash flow data. With Preqin Solutions, you can:

    • Conduct return attribution and project exits.
    • Benchmark against public and private market equivalents using Preqin data.
    • Visualize portfolio and fund track records, including: IRR breakdowns, sensitivity analysis to future returns, ‘what if’ scenarios, and exit planning.

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