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Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management & Analysis

Dynamo™ is unparalleled in its ability to track detailed portfolio data across all asset classes, from top-level investing entities, such as accounts and pools, all the way to underlying assets like deals, real assets, and securities. Developed with an open architecture, Dynamo’s™ portfolio management software instills confidence in effectively managing your investments.

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Dynamo’s™ open architecture provides fluid integration with the industry’s most respected third-party data providers, including Bloomberg, FactSet, Preqin, PitchBook, and HFR. These automated data capture tools enable firms to easily consolidate their portfolio analysis within a single centralized system. Asset class performance data can be compared against benchmarks and can also be leveraged to determine time-weighted returns and to calculate internal rates of return based on the time series of cash flows and valuations. All of the analysis provided by these integrations can then be bundled into granular reporting generated by Dynamo™.

Dynamo™ enables allocators to identify a portfolio’s overall exposure across geographies, sectors, asset classes, securities, and any other desired, tracked characteristic. Monitoring a diverse set of categorized exposures within a centralized system, at multiple granular levels, enables portfolio managers to quickly identify potential areas of risk, and optimize decision-making for allocations.

“We’ve been able to work with Dynamo Software to develop advanced reports that are unique to our investment methodology and capable of neatly summarizing complex data.”

– University of Oregon

Dynamo can ensure your portfolio allocations are Data Driven.

Dynamo™ utilizes the Yale Endowment model for cash flow forecasting to assist users with anticipating future capital calls and distributions. Users can input assumptions, and leverage Dynamo™ to adjust the cash flow model based on previous fund performance over time, or by comparisons to performance from other fund managers. Applying this cash flow model throughout your portfolio enables portfolio managers to forecast the fundraising targets for capital calls.

Dynamo™ is set apart by the platform’s ability to track each asset class by investment type rather than as a generic entity. This asset class-specific tracking enables users to track investments at all levels of liquidity, simplifying multi-asset class portfolio analysis. Users are able to know when liquidity for specific assets are available, what terms apply to the liquidity, and the fees associated with transactions. Dynamo’s configurability also provides portfolio investment management teams with dashboards that directly align with their operational priorities, and facilitate fast, relevant reporting.


It’s time to be DynamoDrivenTM

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