Manager Tracking & Due Diligence

Manager Tracking & Due Diligence

Managing multi-asset class portfolios that include alternative investments and privately structured funds requires more than just a data warehouse.  Capturing and reporting on the complex web of information surrounding fund management firms and their investment products pre- and post-investment is a Dynamo specialty.  Dynamo reduces the time needed to collect data and gives you the tools to better understand it with our specialized investment management CRM and due diligence platform.

Some of the largest asset allocators around the world use Dynamo to drive their fund manager research, operational due diligence and portfolio monitoring. Dynamo’s 20-year focus on the alternative investment industry and use by fund managers and allocators alike put us in a unique position to provide a ready-made system for tracking fund managers and their related service providers.

Investment analysts use the CRM and RMS functionality built into Dynamo to capture documents, data and fund manager conversations to better understand past and current investment performance, exposures, attribution, strategy shifts, investment idea generation, team dynamics, and anything they feel drives performance and mitigates risks.


“Dynamo has ingrained itself into our research management organization and fund manager due diligence processes.”


University of Oregon

Dynamo can ensure your manager due diligence is Process Driven.

Operational due diligence teams use Dynamo to dig deep into a fund manager’s operational processes and ensure proper controls are being followed, service providers are being used correctly, and investor communications are adequate.  Qualitative and quantitative measures can be tracked over time, compared across managers and visualized to expose more insights.  All supporting documentation and past manager communications are intuitively linked to all of the relevant entities and easily explored with key word searches.

  • Automate fund manager email, document and data capture
  • Centralize quantitative and qualitative data
  • Profile management companies, key team members, and service providers
  • Capture complex fund structures, fees and terms
  • Maintain performance and exposure histories.
  • Link fund manager background checks and ADV information to the firms and team members
  • Run what-if scenarios to see the effects of proposed transactions on your underlying exposures
  • Calculate fund position liquidity

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