Investor Relationship Management

Investor Relationship Management & Servicing

Investor relations management is a critical piece of any investment organization. Our cloud platform enables you to efficiently manage  information and contacts with the firm’s most important clients: its investors.  With nearly two decades of intensive experience collaborating with alternative investment IR teams, we are a trusted partner who understands how to use technology to better enable your interactions with your customers.

Dynamo Investor Relations features are used by firms across a number of investment strategies, including PE, VC, hedge funds, funds of funds, family offices, and fund administrators.  Key benefits are:

  • Complex Relationship & Interested Party Mapping
  • Detailed Investor Transactions & Valuations
  • e-Signatures & Online Document Submission
  • Automated PPM generator
  • Streamlined “Mail-merging”
  • Scheduled, Automated Reports
  • Investor Self-Service via Portal

“The platform is exceptional for both relationship tracking and relationship management.”

Clearbell Capital

Integrated with CRM and Investor Portal for Superior Investor Servicing

The Dynamo™ platform offers a comprehensive set of tools for superior client relationship management. Users are able to calculate and deliver capital calls, manager letters, account statements, compliance affirmations and other critical communications within the CRM user interface.  Dynamo’s integrated Investor Portal offers secure, configurable access to all relevant performance reports and investor documentation as either secure documents as well as in-page exhibits and downloadable data tables, easing the burden for LPs to aggregate information in their own systems (many of whom use Dynamo themselves). The platform’s relational capabilities also empower users to instantly link emails, data, and documents from external sources or the Microsoft Office® suite into the relevant records.

  • Fund Admin Integration / Reconciliation
  • Integrated PEView, partnership accounting for complex waterfall allocations
  • Significant operational and compliance benefits

Relationship Driven

It’s time to be DynamoDrivenTM

Be relationship driven. Download our Investor Relationship Management whitepaper.

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