Born and bred in the alternative asset investment industry, Dynamo Software offers a best-in-class investor relationship management experience for private equity firms, hedge funds, venture capital firms, real estate investment groups, funds of funds, and multi-family offices. Native integrations with Outlook and Gmail enable investor relations professionals to seamlessly send emails, store messages and attachments, and log conversation notes to maximize context and efficiency in investor relationship management.

Dynamo™ generates investor reports and distributes them through a Mail Merge Wizard that generates personalized mass emails. Storing investors’ communication preferences ensures that investors receive timely reporting and communications based in their desired medium and format, while eliminating redundant follow up on investor-specific tasks and requests. .

Developed to simplify the time consuming report generation and distribution process of investor relationship management professionals, Dynamo Software provides solutions that automate investor account portfolio reporting based on individual preference. Tracking each portfolio investment’s realized and unrealized valuations, subscription agreements, and investor-specific communication preferences allow fund managers to automatically generate the unique report for each investor account en masse, and even configure the fields populated within the report to ensure all investor-mandated data points are accurately calculated and automatically distributed.

The Dynamo Software Investor Portal provides your investors 24/7 access to their investment performance reporting, as well as the ability to update their account information, including tax documents, wire instructions, and frequency of certain notifications. Information stored within Dynamo™ directly rolls up to the Investor Relations Portal to provide instant access to accurate and up-to-date fund performance or portfolio deal data, portfolio level investment data, balances, PPMs, and transactions, while reducing the number of inbound ad hoc requests for more information. The Portal can also be used as an extension of your website, and can embed multimedia including investor relations videos, investor conference meeting audio recordings, or Dynamo™ generated reporting.

Dynamo™ can optimize investor relationship event management by developing personalized invitations, tracking attendance, and documenting important individual nuances (e.g. dietary or mobility restrictions of attendees). Following the event, Dynamo’s™ reporting engine aggregates the overall attendance, allowing users to evaluate the success of the event and engagement with the firm for further improvements.

Dynamo Software’s DynaMobile™ application enables users to seamlessly manage investor relationships outside of the office. Available on iOS®, Android®, and other smartphone devices, users can instantly access and update investor profiles with relevant correspondence and notes. These updates are instantly accessible for other Dynamo™ users, providing your firm with crucial context on investor activity while remotely operating, and help you identify opportunities for recommitment.

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