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The Dynamo™ Investor Portal is a configurable, online hub that provides your investors secure access to their individual investment data and fund performance. Our investor relations portal is designed to streamline delivery of any level of transparency to your investor base, reduce ad hoc support or informational requests, and integrate with your firm’s branding. The Investor Portal natively integrates with the Dynamo™ CRM to leverage your portfolio and investor account data to deliver customized and ILPA-compliant reporting.

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The Dynamo™ Investor Portal’s seamless integration with the CRM application enables your investor relations team to easily to post, categorize, and visualize data in the pages of your website or in uploaded, protected documents. Your team can also manage who has access to areas of the portal as well as specific documents and dynamic reports.

Investor Reporting Software

The Investor Portal allows your team to report on performance, account balances, transactions, and commitments for investors while working within the Dynamo™ CRM interface. Investment data and investor communication preferences are tracked in Dynamo™, and notifications are generated through Dynamo™ Mail Merge to alert investors that new reporting or documents are available in the Investor Portal. The Dynamo™ Investor Portal eliminates your team’s time spent on manual report generation, removes costs of postage, and allows your team to spend time on other critical initiatives.

The Investor Relations Portal also serves as a powerful self-service investor software, allowing investors to generate their own reports, view performance data, and achieve a high level of transparency with fund managers.

The Investor Fundraising Portal hosts a comprehensive repository of records and documentation often requested by stakeholders and limited partners. Beyond reporting data, users can also access your firm’s news, management information, K-1 consent forms, and PPMs. Integration with premier, back-office accounting software enables investors to view near-real-time capital account summaries within the Investor Relations Portal. Fully configurable to meet your firm’s aesthetics and easily linked from your website, the online Investor Portal can help you drive stronger investor engagement.


“Dynamo enables us to configure what we want, ensuring a stronger long-term value of the system.”

– LaSalle Investment Management

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Seamlessly Process Investor Data & Documents

The Investor Relations Portal’s investor features extend beyond providing access to fund information provided by your firm. Utilizing data submission forms, your investors can access and modify their contact-level information, providing them with the opportunity to update their personal records and notification preferences. Your investors can also run their own one-off, filtered reports within the Investor Portal, eliminating the need to solicit your firm for specific information.

The Investor Relations Portal can be leveraged to simplify complex compliance processes. Investors are able to directly submit documentation required for regulations such as FATCA into the Portal, which is then imported, categorized, and linked in Dynamo™. Our investor portal can also produce dedicated reporting that tracks the collection of compliance documentation, enabling your investor relations team to develop a prioritized list of investors that have not submitted necessary documents.

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