Investor Portal – Fundraising & Marketing

Investor Portal – Fundraising & Marketing

The Dynamo™ Investor Fundraising Portal is the leading online gateway for prospective investors to access information regarding your firm’s investment products and services.

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Target Prospective Investors

Maximize your fundraising process with Dynamo’s secure, branded fundraising portal. The portal’s fluid integration with the Dynamo CRM and Investor Servicing platform enables you to identify and qualify the best investors based on their investment preferences to create targeted fundraising campaigns. Once you’ve used Dynamo’s advanced search filters to create a list, you can deliver personalized, compelling communications via the mail merge wizard and guide them to the portal for more in-depth information.

The fundraising portal serves as a secure repository for fundraising and marketing materials, including PPMs, pitch books, firm news, and downloadable data. During your fundraising process, you can distribute unique logins to prospective investors, allowing them to view your material, and you to track their engagement and effectively gauge their interest.

Track Your Fundraising Pipeline

Within the Dynamo Fundraising Portal, your fundraising team can architect tailored fundraising campaigns and monitor progress through the pipeline. Track investor commitments and target prospects who show high levels of engagement. You can also track fundraising opportunities within the Dynamo™ CRM and capital raising pipeline screens.

“The capital raising team now has all of its communications and records in a single system.”

– LaSalle Investment Management

Streamline Capital Raising & Investor On-boarding

Dynamo’s integration with DocuSign® allows committed investors to upload completed and signed or (e-signed) subscription documents directly through the Portal, which is then linked to the relevant contact profile in the Dynamo CRM platform.

Beyond simplifying subscription management, Investor Fundraising Portal visitors can expose their contact-level information to maintain and update their personal records and modify their notification preferences through Dynamo’s™ data submission forms. 

Once committed funds are invested, investors can log into the investor reporting sections of the portal to view performance and transactional data, submitted financial statements, and run their own reports.

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