The Dynamo™ Investor Fundraising Portal is an easily navigable online gateway for your qualified prospective investors to access prior fund performance and new information of your firm’s products. Developed throughout Dynamo Software’s nearly two decades of experience in designing software solutions that enable alternative investment firms to achieve their fundraising goals, the Investor Fundraising Portal’s fluid integration with the Dynamo™ CRM enables you to identify the best investors based on their investment preferences, deliver compelling communications, and convert passively interested prospective investors into committed clients.

The Dynamo™ Investor Fundraising Portal’s direct sync with the CRM application empowers your fundraising team to create targeted fundraising campaigns through the platform’s Mail Merge tool, and post your materials for qualified investors. This powerful integration accelerates the fundraising process by enabling your fundraising team to work within a CRM to architect fundraising campaigns, distribute emails and Investor Fundraising Portal logins, identify engaged prospects, and track fundraising opportunities within the Dynamo™ CRM.

Your firm’s fundraising teams can capitalize on the Dynamo™ Investor Fundraising Portal as a behavioral analytics tool to optimize your fundraising campaigns. Prospects’ and investors’ activity levels within the Portal can be tracked and compiled in reports, identifying the users that are most engaged with your firm’s messaging. This data enables fundraisers to personalize their messaging in order to prioritize the most interested prospects to accelerate achieving their fundraising milestones.

The Investor Fundraising Portal hosts all of your marketing collateral needed to facilitate productive fundraising conversations. Portal users can view updated firm news, management information, PPMs, and pitch books in an organized, intuitive presentation. The Portal can also be configured to align with your firm’s color scheme, logo, and other branding elements, enhancing your prospects’ and investors’ personal connection with your firm.

Once prospective investors have decided to commit to your fund, they benefit from the Dynamo™ Investor Fundraising Portal through a streamlined process for managing subscription documents. Investors are able to upload completed and signed subscription documents directly through the Portal, which is then linked to the relevant contact profile in the Dynamo™ CRM. Beyond simplifying subscription management, the Investor Fundraising Portal visitors can expose their contact-level information to maintain and update their personal records and modify their notification preferences through Dynamo’s™ data submission forms.

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