Dynamo™ centralizes the investment research management process of institutional investors, endowments, foundations, pensions, family offices, and hedge funds through robust internal and external data integrations. Investment research management features optimize the aggregation of received investment research materials through automated email and document processing. Intelligent dynamic categorization and tagging of materials allows investors to quickly identify suitable fund managers and investment ideas for due diligence. Dynamo’s™ award-winning data management capabilities ensure that intellectual capital is permanently retained and easily retrievable through investment research categorization that aligns with your desired terminology. The comprehensive Advanced Search provides efficient identification of key investment research.

The Dynamo™ Email Rules Engine automatically processes incoming correspondence and investment research materials for quick firm-wide usage. This module applies configurable rules to your email server which ensures that incoming messages and their attachments are stored and populated with metadata for subsequent easy retrieval. The intelligent tagging mitigates the time-consuming manual effort required to process incoming fund manager email and organize manager or prospective investment records.

Dynamo’s™ Data Submission Forms are secure web forms that collect crucial prospective and current investment documentation and data points for initial and ongoing due diligence. Beyond providing complete control over the look and interactivity of the form itself, users select which managers or contacts receive specific information requests. Data submission forms provide a simplified way to collect fund and investment information, which can be viewed individually or as an aggregate within Dynamo™.

Dynamo™ provides an intuitive, adaptable platform for institutionalizing fund manager and investment due diligence. Users can evaluate the investment history background of both fund managers and companies through robust due diligence dashboards, and also validate that due diligence tasks are properly completed by the right people. The Advanced Search function further ensures a comprehensive due diligence process by enabling users to identify lapses in ongoing due diligence.

Dynamo’s™ investment research management features for direct investment are designed to maximize the utility managers’ and analysts’ investment research. Direct integration with Microsoft Office® and other third-party data providers is complemented by relationship-based tracking features that tag research data upon receipt. Portfolio managers can leverage the Dynamo™ Recommendations Grid, which provides a overview of recommendations from analysts in an easily viewable format. Analysts can leverage Dynamo’s™ activity tracking features to easily monitor interactions with key stakeholders and sell-side analysts.

The complementary DynaMobile™ application ensures that Dynamo™ research records can be updated and shared firm-wide even when users are away from the office. Notes, documents, and correspondence logged in Dynamo™ are instantly accessed from any mobile device, providing real time access to contemporary information. DynaMobile™ offers offline capabilities, with all created updates posting into the main Dynamo™ platform once an Internet connection is reestablished.

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