Fundraising & Marketing

Fundraising & Marketing

Dynamo™ provides industry-specific investment fundraising software that optimizes the speed, quality, transparency, and compliance of global capital raising efforts. Our platform features personalization tools for mass communications and integration with third-party data providers to source the right investors. With Dynamo, you can create tailored lists to send compelling, targeted marketing messages to prospective investors, and manage your fundraising pipeline.

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Dynamo’s marketing and fundraising software offers a configurable interface and flexible parent/child relationships. With Dynamo, you can configure the system to fit your existing fundraising processes, internal semantics, and relational structures. Dynamo drives detailed profiling and activity management, so you understand what is important to individual investors, how they are connected to others in your network, and how they have interacted with your firm.

The integrated Dynamo Fundraising Portal strengthens outreach by allowing stakeholders instant, global access to PPMs, compliance documents, performance reporting, and other collateral, and an RSVP system for event management. Documents can also be personalized and secured with watermarks, and electronically signed and submitted via our integration with DocuSign®.

Dynamo’s enhanced CRM system is built to help your team ensure it is following complex international compliance issues such as GDPR and AIFMD. To learn how Carthona Capital uses Dynamo to improve fundraising processes, download the Carthona Capital case study.

“We’re able to expedite our underlying fundraising activities to ensure that we meet our fundraising goals on time.”

– Carthona Capital

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Integrated with CRM and Investor Portal for Superior Investor Servicing

Integration with Dynamo CRM and Investor Portal allows you to manage investor and portfolio company relationships, store data and documentation, and track fundraising and marketing efforts in one cohesive system. Centralizing your accounting output and integrating with a secure portal facilitates end-to-end workflow management and ensures your investors get their notices and statements in a fraction of the time. To learn how Carthona Capital uses Dynamo to expedite fundraising, download the Carthona Capital case study.

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