Dynamo Software offers comprehensive fundraising software features that enable you to consistently hit your fundraising goals on time. Purely dedicated to the alternative asset industry, Dynamo Software offers premier automated fundraising and marketing software feature sets for private equity firms, hedge funds, venture capital firms, real estate investment groups, funds of funds, and multi-family offices. Since 1998, Dynamo™ has improved how users identify and create interpersonal relationships with investors, by eliminating tedious administrative tasks and providing more time to focus on cultivating and closing the best opportunities. As a fundraising software platform, Dynamo™ ensures that you retain access to your firm’s full history of communications, while providing the tools to maximize your marketing outreach, establish your brand, and maintain your reputation.

Dynamo’s™ contact management features enable you to automatically import and define your universe of potential investors and execute multi-channel fundraising campaigns through emails, events, and calls. Native integrations with Excel® and third party data providers ensure that newly received investor data sets can be easily logged or synced within the system, while the Dynamo™ Outlook plugin ensures that day-to-day emails are logged in the database while continuing to work within Outlook. Universal mobile accessibility to your database enables your fundraising team to have access to critical historical communications to maximize the value of your prospecting efforts.

Fundraising fund-by-fund can be optimized by creating fundraising opportunity pipeline reports which track the progress of your team’s fundraising initiatives at a collective level for overall progress, as well as a granular level through flagged items, task execution tracking, and scheduling reminders. Firms fundraising on a deal-by-deal basis benefit from the above listed features, in addition to deal opportunity reports that quickly identify the ideal list of prospective investors to stay organized when fundraising across multiple deal opportunities.

Dynamo Software’s Fundraising Mail Merge streamlines direct email marketing efforts through powerful relationship tracking and dynamic data insertion for personalized communications. Fundraising teams utilize Dynamo™ to organize and target prospects by a diverse set of granular characteristics, including prior known investment history, investment preferences by asset class, or industry vertical. These categorizations can be leveraged to create specialized mailing lists, enabling firms to create and mass-distribute compelling content that precisely addresses the needs of each audience.

Dynamo’s™ fundraising event management feature set ensures that all aspects of the invitation and event execution process are consolidated. Dynamo™ automates the marketing, tracking, and coordination of fundraising events through the abilities to create targeted invite lists, distribute invitations, and monitor RSVPs at a granular level. Dynamo’s™ reporting engine collects all event data and enables fundraising and marketing teams to analyze the success of the event and identify improvement opportunities for future efforts.

Fundraising communications are further enhanced through a secure online branded Fundraising Portal that aligns with your firm’s identity and can be linked directly to your website. Fundraising teams are able host marketing collateral behind paywalls that track engagement with qualified prospective investors that are passively interested. The Portal also posts other fundraising documents generated by Dynamo™, including PPMs and other compliance driven materials.

The DynaMobile™ app, available across all web enabled devices, is an invaluable tool for fundraising teams working outside of the office. The app enables users to access a prospect’s complete investor profile during travel, maximizing the ability to personalize a pitch during meetings and anticipate ad hoc challenges. DynaMobile’s™ integration with Google Maps enables users to optimize their travel routes, ensuring that all possible opportunities for fundraising are addressed during business trips.

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