Deal Management Software

Deal Management Software

Dynamo’s deal management system provides enormous power to help you manage your deal life-cycle. With advanced CRM and deal sourcing features, to pipeline performance and workflows that drive deals to a successful conclusion, Dynamo drives deal management for private equity, M&A, real estate, and other deal teams.

Our cloud-based deal management platform keeps your information and reports accessible across multiple devices, whether in office or on the road. For over 20 years, the Dynamo Platform has helped clients structure a variety of deal management efforts for private equity, venture capital, corporate development, and M&A teams worldwide.

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Our platform drives deep relationship tracking, exceptional document and data management, and team collaboration.  Native integration with Outlook® and the Microsoft Office® suite as well as the Dynamo Exchange rules engine and workflow management features help expedite due diligence and ongoing monitoring of portfolio companies by automatically linking and tagging imported data and communications to relevant profiles. Our fully integrated mobile app for mobile devices allows you to stay connected to all your Dynamo data on the road, even allowing you to run reports from your phone.

As the complexities grow around private equity, venture, corporate development / M&A, real estate and other deal pipeline driven verticals, Dynamo’s deal management software has a proven track record of enabling clients to do more in less time with fewer people.

To learn how HPE Growth Capital leverages deal management software from Dynamo, download our case study.

“Dynamo has served as an excellent choice for consolidating our deal and contact information.”

HPE Growth Capital

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Dynamo ensures your deal management is Process Driven.

Internal accountability on deal progress is ensured by the ability to create flags, tasks, and reminder notices for specific users as deal stages are reached. Dynamo delivers comprehensive deal pipeline reporting on an ad hoc basis or through scheduled report distributions to ensure that your entire firm has optimal knowledge of ongoing deals.  Paired with Dynamo’s deal management workflow automation features, processes themselves become data driven and allow for deal teams to spend their time driving deals forward, instead of completing manual data manipulation, task assignments, or reporting.

It’s time to be DynamoDrivenTM

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