Dynamo’s™ deal and acquisition management software enables users to efficiently source new deal opportunities, track their source, monitor and streamline due diligence, and generate reporting to contextualize the deal pipeline. The out-of-the-box configuration of Dynamo’s™ deal management process features a pipeline management tool that simplifies a traditional private equity or venture capital firms due diligence process. Due to Dynamo’s high degree of configurability, that tracking process is easily modified to reflect your firm’s terminology and process, while also providing unique automations through workflows.

Dynamo™ optimizes the deal and acquisition sourcing process through industry-specific features that address deal data aggregation and data import through Microsoft Office tools, including Outlook and Excel, in addition to data connectors with third party data providers. Consolidating information quickly provides firms with the ability to easily vet deal opportunities. Dynamo’s™ ability to track deal opportunities by lead source also enables users to identify the most lucrative brokers and investment banks for deals, optimizing the deal and acquisition management process based on prior successes.

Dynamo™ maximizes the value and utility of firms’ intellectual capital by simplifying the presentation and relationship management of deal and acquisition opportunities. The platform enables users to create configurable dropdown lists that can capture personalized reasons for investment and reasons turned down. The platform also optimizes evaluation of ongoing opportunities by creating dashboards which allow users to review multiple distinct opportunities within the same company.

Workflows help standardize and streamline a firm’s deal management and due diligence tracking process by incorporating unique automated processes. When a user undertakes a specific action, Dynamo’s™ workflows can automatically perform tasks such as modifying fields, sending emails, creating tasks, and distributing reports. Private equity, venture capital, and real estate firms can leverage workflows to automatically calculate close probability based on pipeline status, send out a notification of a pipeline status change to specific parties, or distribute the Monday morning pipeline report. With the Dynamo™ workflow engine, the possibilities are up to you.

The DynaMobile™ application provides 24/7 access to your Dynamo™ data, enabling travelling team members to instantly access important details regarding deals and acquisitions, and optimize travel routes through Google Maps integration. Users are also able to store data locally in an offline mode during Internet inaccessible travel, which is automatically posted once a connection is re-established.

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