We understand that “CRM” can mean many things to an investment firm, so we’ve grown our platform beyond generic CRM functionality to address the diverse operational needs of the private investment industry. Our industry tenure has allowed us to develop a highly configurable software platform that solves data, reporting, and workflow management challenges for both GPs and LPs.

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Dynamo’s configurable interface allows you to choose layouts that match your deal management and investment research needs. With our extensible data model and superior document management capabilities, your team can eliminate redundancies, improve collaboration, and deliver superior reporting to ultimately drive better investment decisions. Seamless integration with our portfolio management tools allows for more robust quantitative and qualitative reporting tied to actual holdings, and helps provide what-if scenarios to see impacts on aggregate exposures.

This same flexibility makes Dynamo the go-to platform for hundreds of investor relations and capital raising teams around the globe. It allows IR professionals and investor services teams to have a clear picture of their prospects, investors, and interested parties (lawyers, accountants, advisors, family members, etc.). The Dynamo platform also integrates with our newly acquired portfolio monitoring and valuation system (Dynamo PMV) as well as investor accounting data from our own partnership accounting module or from other systems and third party administrators. Not only does Dynamo CRM empower stronger relationships, it also helps manage the growing compliance responsibilities affecting all corners of the investment management industry.

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 “Dynamo has made it much easier to compile information and put the notes together.”

– SQN Investors

Beyond Generic CRM

At Dynamo we understand that CRM / Contact Management is just one piece of your overall investment management and investor relationship requirements. Unlike generic CRM tools, Dynamo has out-of-the box solutions for the complex needs of alternative investment firms as well as institutional investors. Integrated with accounting and compliance data, and built to automate sophisticated, data and event driven workflows and reporting needs, the Dynamo platform improves your front, middle, and back office

We also understand that no two firms are exactly alike. Firms and users frequently have unique internal terminology, workflows, data / document management strategies, and preferences for how they’d like to see their data and organize their user interfaces. As the most configurable system in our industry, Dynamo empowers users to make such changes without developers or other technical staff.

It’s time to be DynamoDrivenTM

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