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Dynamo Software has built the Dynamo™ product suite through an ongoing, intensive partnership with our clients. The insight provided by this partnership throughout the past twenty years has resulted in a complete front and middle-office solution that optimizes productivity and delivers compelling reporting and collateral for investors.

Each product solution is fully configurable to align with any alternative asset firm’s operational workflow, through collaboration with a Dynamo Software implementation specialist. Delivered over the Web via the Cloud, or hosted onsite, Dynamo™ is deployed quickly and maintained easily, even in multi-office environments.

dynamo client relations management solution

Client Relations Management

The Dynamo™ product suite offers a comprehensive set of tools for superior client relations management. Users are able to create and deliver capital calls, quarterly reports and other critical documentation within the CRM user interface, as well as utilize the Dynamo™ Investor Portal to offer secure access to all performance reports and investor documentation. The platform’s relational capabilities also empower users to instantly deliver data from external sources or the Microsoft Office® suite into the relevant records.

dynamo compliance solution


Regulatory bodies across the world continue to enact diverse and complex compliance mandates for alternative asset fund managers. Dynamo™ serves as a powerful tool for simplifying and organizing major compliance processes, including FATCA, Form PF, and many more. Fluid integration with the Microsoft Office® suite enables users to directly import critical documents into Dynamo™ using a simple add-in. Received forms can be tracked in a multitude of ways, and compliance-based fields relieves the evolving headache of compliance through automation and reporting.

dynamo contact management solution

Contact Management

Dynamo™ is a CRM platform designed to work seamlessly with the Microsoft Office® suite and intelligently structure the complex relationships inherent in the alternative assets industry. Communications and attachments can be stored in Dynamo™ while working through Outlook®, enabling users to still log relevant communications and attachments in Dynamo™ without needing to leave the familiar Outlook® interface. Similarly, users can also use the Dynamo™ interface to launch Outlook® activities such as emails, tasks, and calendar events. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Dynamo Software’s expertise integrating Microsoft® technologies provide an unparalleled experience for enhancing contact management with the tools you’re familiar with.

dynamo data integration analysis solution

Data Integration and Analysis

Dynamo™ improves your investment team’s data gathering efficiency by automating data aggregation through integration with popular third party data providers. Dynamo’s™ data integration capabilities eliminate manual data entry while ensuring the most contemporary financial data sets are available. Dynamo’s™ analytical capabilities are further extended through the DynamoAnalytics™ module which provides concisely formatted data sets for in depth analysis in an intuitive dynamic analysis dashboard.

dynamo deal management solution

Deal Management

Dynamo™ serves as a centralized hub for expanding your deal opportunities and efficiently pushes them through your pipeline using features specific to alternative investment methodology. External data sets and news feeds can be imported or synced and displayed directly within Dynamo™, and deal sources can be tracked to help you understand where your best opportunities are referred or sourced from so that you can optimize your pipeline source and due diligence process. Seamless integration with the Microsoft Office® Product Suite allows you to immediately store relevant communications and documents while creating the appropriate follow up tasks for both you and your team. Dynamo’s™ reporting engine can help you understand more than just your deal pipeline, but where opportunities sit by stage and what next steps are. Learn more

dynamo due diligence solution

Due Diligence

Dynamo™ enables you to maintain your due diligence process and improve it through automation. Key documents and correspondence can be directly imported into Dynamo™ through fluid integration with the Microsoft Office® Suite, consolidating the information needed to screen potential investments or fund managers, craft intelligent recommendations to stakeholders, and construct portfolios. The advanced relational capabilities of Dynamo™ ensure critical data is displayed across all relevant records. A powerful Advanced Search toolbar, modeled on Web search best practices, also empowers users to generate searches for shortlisting due diligence opportunities through set criteria. As you push opportunities through due diligence, Dynamo™ can trigger emails through workflows to notify relevant parties that additional efforts may be required on their end.

dynamo event management solution

Event Management

Dynamo™ supports an integrated event management system that improves marketing and client relations by simplifying the marketing, RSVP collection, and structure of your event. Mailing and invitation lists can be identified within Dynamo™, and personalized branded invitations can be generated. Invitees can input the information you wish to track beyond attendance, including segments of the event, or even their dietary restrictions to make things easier.

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dynamo investment fundraising and marketing solution

Fundraising and Marketing

Since 1998, Dynamo™ has been continuously enhanced to improve the way users build new relationships and automate fundraising tasks through familiar tools such as Outlook® and the Microsoft Office Suite®. Advanced integrated tools for mass communications that retain dynamic personalized characteristics provide a significant competitive advantage to stand out from the crowd while enabling our clients to understand the impact and value of their fundraising efforts, events, and content. Dynamo™ also supports an integrated Investor Portal designed for marketing and extending your brand to investors, while offering granular insight on individual prospective investor activities. Communications and fundraising opportunity tracking data can be leveraged for compelling reports, providing insightful transparency in marketing activities and understanding your fundraising pipeline. Learn more about our dedicated fundraising features and our Investor Fundraising Portal.

dynamo investor relations solution

Investor Relations

A strong reputation in the alternative asset industry is attributed to an optimized investor relations process. Dynamo™ empowers firms to maintain a robust communications pipeline, intuitively link critical data, records and correspondence to create comprehensive investor profiles and requirements. Integration with the Dynamo™ Investor Portal enables fund managers to securely provide comprehensive investor reporting at the click of a button. A centralized repository of investor information and preferences within Dynamo™ provides some of the largest fund managers a way to go hands off when satiating investor demands. Learn more about our industry-specific investor relations capabilities and our configurable investor reporting portal.

dynamo manager tracking solution

Manager Tracking

Dynamo™ instantly provides context to all interactions with fund managers, empowering users to identify ideal introductions. Dynamo’s™ configurable dashboards provide the opportunity to refine the universe of fund managers into a navigable contact database based on manager profiles. Dynamo™ offers an extension of your corporate website to automatically track managers’ fund reporting and communications to offer an automated solution to mass communications storage.

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dynamobile app all operating systems

Mobile App

DynaMobile™ provides access to Dynamo™ through Apple®, Android®, and Blackberry® tablets and smartphones to ensure our clients have 24/7, unlimited access to their communications and data in Dynamo™ from any location. DynaMobile™ is available in combination with any of our industry-specific models of Dynamo™, and is also available through a mobile-friendly site for devices without dedicated DynaMobile™ apps. In addition to our clients’ ability to access their Dynamo™ data, our clients’ investors also have on-demand access to their financial information in the Dynamo™ Investor Portal, through an interface specifically designed for superior usability on touchscreen technology.

dynamo partnership accounting solution

Partnership Accounting

Enhancing Dynamo’s™ front-office CRM feature set is a powerful calculation engine capable of waterfall calculations and other requirements of partnership accounting. When leveraging Dynamo’s™ calculation engine you can easily calculate capital calls, run distributions, and allocate expenses. The module can apportion distributions through waterfall calculations, and generate notifications to investors per their communications preferences. Seamlessly integrated with the Dynamo™ Investor Portal, Dynamo’s™ partnership accounting figures automatically sync with the Portal to streamline the investor reporting process securely.

dynamo performance tracking solution

Performance Tracking

Dynamo™ provides a comprehensive overview of your portfolio’s performance, simplified through data aggregation and automation. Both quantitative and qualitative data is quickly and easily added into Dynamo™ through both automation and plug-ins available for popular Microsoft Office® programs. Users that seamlessly synchronize their performance data and leverage established integrations with third party data providers, automatically log reporting through Outlook-based rules, or provide their investment managers access to a Dynamo™ Portal for performance data updating.

dynamo portfolio analysis solution

Portfolio Analysis

You can review your tracked portfolio data through DynamoAnalytics™, an advanced OLAP compatible reporting module, or export data into Excel® for organized manual analysis. DynamoAnalytics™ is an integrated analytical module that provides preformatted templates for analyzing your portfolio through any OLAP-compatible browser, to augment the easy export of your Dynamo™ data into Excel®. The ContentDynamo™ online store integrates external data sources with Dynamo™ to enable immediate and efficient importing of relevant data points for understanding historical performance and benchmarking your fund’s success. Learn more

Portfolio Tracking

Dynamo’s™ unique portfolio management features empower users to track intricate portfolio data across multiple asset classes, including accounts, pools, and underlying assets such as securities, real assets, and deals. The platform’s open architecture provides seamless integration with your firm’s existing infrastructure. As an additional option, Dynamo™ users can provide login credentials to their portfolio companies or fund managers to log recent performance and any other relevant data points to their own account in Dynamo™. Learn more

dynamo reporting solution


Dynamo™ provides several options to ensure you have access to the reporting you need. While Dynamo™ affords over 100 out-of-the-box industry-specific reports, you can also create unique reports through an ad hoc report engine, and dive into granular details through interactive dynamic reporting. As an added benefit, reports can be scheduled for generation and distribution to ensure everyone is on the same page in your Monday morning meeting. For more complex reporting requirements, Dynamo™ users can rely on a dedicated client services team to create or modify existing reports.

dynamo research management solution

Research Management

Investment managers benefit from Dynamo’s™ intelligent research management features and automatic synching of received investment research. All types of data can be uploaded individually or automatically through Dynamo’s™ tight Outlook® integration, and category tags can be assigned to ensure easy retrieval through later relevant searches. Dynamo™ also boasts tools that enable effective task management for investment idea validation. Task completion can be tracked by assigning responsibilities to specific coworkers, and flags and reminders ensure responsibilities are clear and scheduled. Users can also utilize an integrated ranking system to provide a quantitative ranking of investment ideas based on their coworkers’ opinions. Dynamo’s™ architecture also allows users to access network drives and documents outside the system, as well as pass parameters to external websites for access from within Dynamo™. Learn more

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