A Continuous Path for Improving Performance & Productivity

Tech budgets are untouchable. In fact, according to recent primary research conducted by Dynamo Software, General and Limited Partners said they expected their technology budget to either increase or stay the same over the next 12 months. With tech spend cuts not on the table, the desire to ensure ongoing success and scalability post-implementation becomes even more essential. Watch this 30-minute 0n-demand webinar to gain a real-world perspective on:

  1. Three core areas to address within your firm to get the most of your FinTech
  2. How to build a FinTech stack for alternative investments on both the GP and LP side that scales for future growth and business objectives
  3. Real-word best practices and use cases showcasing successful “land and expand” FinTech scenarios through Dynamo Software’s cloud-based platform, as presented by Bradley Danchuk, Director of Corporate Finance Systems at Venterra Realty


Time is money. And, FinTech that increases productivity and improves performance must be nurtured in the right way. Gain first-hand insight into building the blocks for a winning FinTech stack that delivers.

Watch the on-demand webinar

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