Gaining Greater Growth Efficiency With A Single Source of Institutional Knowledge

As the investments in alternatives accelerate, Asset Managers face an exponential increase in operational complexity from managing more complex relationships and deals, delivering reporting rapidly, and just generally gaining optimal conversion rates from fundraising campaigns. Traditional departmental point solutions, force-fitting CRM, or relying on spreadsheets and manual integration will fall short. Watch now as industry experts and thought leaders from Dynamo, Dakota, ProFundCom, and Equinox Partners provide insight into how to run a tightly integrated firm, aligning data, workflows, and people to gain a single source of truth and eliminating the frenzy of going to multiple digital resources.

Integration matters, and we’re going to show you through the eyes of real Dynamo client and partner stories, how to gain a multi-dimensional, unified investment view. Learn more about:

  • What’s driving the increasing demand around removing the multi-source chaos and why spreadsheets and manual integration won’t cut it
  • A review of FinTech integration with marketing automation and investor communication methods, along with a real-world example
  • How investor data can be integrated into a FinTech system and the integrated value of a joint business case between a data provider and CRM

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