Frontline Research Surveying Global GPs and Asset Managers Dispels Economic Uncertainty, Unveils Strategy & Alts Investment Trends

Based on the latest findings from Dynamo Software’s 2024 General Partner (GP) and asset manager survey, it appears that economic uncertainty and recessionary fears may be exerting a reduced impact on overall business and alternative investment strategy. The survey also reveals insights into fundraising, dry powder, AI, crypto, management fees, and other key areas.

The exclusive session, featuring Dynamo’s CEO Hank Boughner and experts from Blackstone Growth and Francisco Partners, dissected trends, year-over-year patterns, and projections for both GPs and LPs for the next 12 months and beyond. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the replay now for valuable insights and strategic foresight.

The session covers:

  • A review of key findings from the 2024 GP Frontline Insight Report, highlighting differing and aligned sentiments from GPs and LPs on investment strategies, management fees, tech budgets, and more.
  • Real-time analysis of current market and economic trends impacting investment and business strategies for GPs and LPs.
  • Answering questions submitted from a variety of FinTech stakeholder audiences.

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