How ALTS Investors Can Gain a Performance Edge with the Right FinTech

According to a report by Preqin, the alternative investment industry is expected to reach $14 trillion in assets over the next five years. As this trajectory heightens, so does the exponential growth of operational complexity. This is known as the “growth complexity chaos” that is holding back both GPs and LPs.

It’s time to take a real look at FinTech and what can be done today to prepare for tomorrow’s increased challenges. In fact, “shiny objects” aren’t always apparent for what they truly are. Asset managers and asset allocators that fall into distractions are making good-faith efforts to gain a Performance Edge – only to uncover later that the flashy thing didn’t make strategic progress.

Watch this on-demand webinar where Dynamo, joined by InfraRed Capital Partners, reviews how investment firms can win by scaling to capitalize on new waves of opportunity. We’ll discuss:

  • Ways to overcome the “growth complexity chaos” that may be overloading you and your team with manual and tedious tasks
  • Five principles for capitalizing on your FinTech strategy for alternative investments, especially with a growth trajectory predicted at $14 trillion in assets over the next five years
  • A real-world example, as told from the frontline, on how FinTech is fueling a performance edge via a single source of truth for institutional knowledge

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

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