Dynamo Software is pleased to announce that NZ Growth Capital Partners recently selected the Dynamo Platform to manage their direct and indirect private equity and venture capital portfolio. In adopting both Dynamo LP alongside Dynamo PMV, NZGCP is able to manage the nuances of both strategies within one solution.

Before Dynamo, NZGCP was using a combination of legacy systems where the data between different teams, processes and workflows was siloed. With Dynamo, NZGCP can access and use performance, investment, research management, due-diligence, and CRM data, along with related workflows, in a single platform.

Hank Boughner, Dynamo CEO commented, ”We’re thrilled to have NZGCP as a client. Their hybrid approach of direct and fund of funds models is a perfect fit to take full advantage of our platform’s deal and manager RMS, PMS and portfolio company monitoring. We look forward to working with NZGCP as they grow their portfolio.”

About NZ Growth Capital Partners:
New Zealand Growth Capital Partners (formerly New Zealand Venture Investment Fund) was established to support early-stage technology companies and to stimulate private investment into this space. NZGCP was established by the New Zealand government in 2002 to build a vibrant early-stage investment market in New Zealand. NZGCP currently has two investment vehicles: the Aspire Fund and the Elevate Fund. NZGCP has a market development mandate and seeks to partner and collaborate with a wide range of government bodies and private investors to help develop the earlystage New Zealand investment market and ultimately help early-stage New Zealand companies grow. The NZGCP teams are based in Auckland and Wellington. NZGCP is governed by a private sector board of directors which provide oversight to the investment management teams.

About Dynamo Software:
Dynamo Software offers an industry-tailored, highly-configurable platform that solves challenges across the private investment landscape for fund managers (GPs), deal teams, asset owners/ allocators (LPs), and related industry participants.

The Dynamo Platform benefits from intensive collaboration with internationally prominent clients to optimize the front-to-back office productivity of deal teams, fund managers and asset allocators, while providing innovative solutions to facilitate data exchange between these firms. Dynamo serves over 700 clients including private equity firms, M&A teams, venture capital groups, institutional investors, hedge funds, funds of funds, fund administrators, prime brokerages, family offices, and real estate private equity firms.

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