For Business Reporter’s Future of Financial Services & Banking Campaign, Dynamo Software’s CEO & Product Leaders Address Managing the Data Deluge, Accuracy of Investment Reporting, and the Ability to Deliver Smart, Successful Investment Management

January 24, 2023 – Boston, MA – Alternative investments FinTech Dynamo Software, in partnership with Business Reporter and Bloomberg, announced the release of a four-part Alternative Investments vodcast series. The video interviews, conducted by both Georgie Frost, award-winning freelance broadcaster and journalist, and Rachel Hicks, BBC-trained journalist, film maker, and media trainer, are eight-minute segments spanning business issues that face limited partners (LPs) and general partners (GPs). Each segment tackles specific challenges each audience is facing and discusses how FinTech is transforming how alternatives investors manage investment workflows.

A recap of each video follows.

Episode 1 | Featuring Hank Boughner, CEO, Dynamo Software

Alternative investment technology must keep pace with the dynamic and constantly evolving world of work. Given the unique complexities of the industry, systems for data capture and collaboration are critical. With FinTech automation, both new and tenured investment professionals can dispense with tedious manual tasks aside to dial into more strategic endeavors.

“The best FinTech today marries the best of human capabilities with the best of technology, empowering teams to harness the power of automation,” said Boughner. “Investing in alternatives often means working through volumes of unstructured data, and it’s essential to be able to collect, organize, and extract the right insights at the right time.”

Boughner’s vodcast, episode 1, will also be featured on Business Reporter’s Bloomberg news hub in February 2023.

Episode 2 | Featuring Matt Keller, VP, Product (Limited Partners), Dynamo Software

Many investment firms are drowning in an ever-growing deluge of data. Embracing alternative investment FinTech solutions can empower LPs to save time, money – and team members’ morale – by introducing new levels of efficiency.

“Dynamo can help in a number of ways, one of which is our Dynamo Data Automation offering,” explained Keller. “We automatically collect unstructured alternative investments cashflow notices, investor statements, etc., and then extract their key data points, thereby eliminating the manual effort traditionally associated with doing so. By applying FinTech, we synthesize information for our clients much more quickly into actionable formats.”

Episode 3 | Featuring Danielle Pepin, Head of Product PMV, Dynamo Software

As ESG continues its mainstream evolution, regulators, investors, and shareholders are demanding greater accountability. Organizations are becoming more consumed with complying with ESG standards, but the disparate data across its many fronts is a challenge that must be addressed.

Investors’ priority is no small feat: to understand how to select the right ESG framework that will support what the business needs to measure while maintaining real-time access to audit-ready data. For firms in the alternative investments industry, the intensity of data volume and flow can be overwhelming.

“Many GPs, not just on the impact side anymore, but across all responsible investing, want to make a difference,” explained Pepin. “So, when they evaluate companies, they also want to see changes over time. Dynamo helps clients set and record their intentions. We assist clients in picking a framework that helps them get started on data collection. And then, on the LP side, we make sense of that firehose of information.”

Episode 4 | Featuring Steve Tobio, VP, Product (General Partners), Dynamo Software

Fund managers use phone calls, emails, web conferencing, texting, and in-person communication to have a tightly-integrated relationship with their investors. Therefore, streamlining the communication process making it easy for their investors to consume critical information, has become a key driver for all fund managers.

“Dynamo stands apart by offering a solution that is truly end-to-end,” said Tobio. “We begin at the forefront of the fundraising process, where the first piece of communication happens, and then, we take it all the way through the investor correspondence process to back-end accounting and financial reporting. Having all that wealth information in a single database makes the entire investment process extremely efficient for both fund managers and their investors.”


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