Iva Petkova & Danielle Pepin

Editorial featured on the IT Brief web site, March 9, 2023.

About the Authors: Iva Petkova is Software Developer on the Mobile App team at Dynamo Software. Danielle Pepin is Head of Product, Portfolio Monitoring and Valuation, where she oversees leading-edge portfolio monitoring products for the alternative asset industry.

In our world of technology development for the alternative investment sector, meaningful data is at the centre of how our clients understand and manage the success of their investment strategy. We see a cross-section of private company data, deals, and benchmarks across financial and non-financial metrics. Increasingly, DEI factors such as board member diversity and gender statistics are entering the data set that illustrates good business and tells the larger story of investment impact.

As our team continues its work to develop the tech capabilities that help investors track and measure DEI in private markets, we wondered what we might learn by turning our analysis inward onto our own company, beginning at first with compelling qualitative information. Our company’s R&D department, with its largest office in Bulgaria, presented a thought-provoking case study.

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