Editorial featured on the Alternatives Watch web site, May 9, 2023.

About the Author: As CEO of alternatives-focused fintech software company Dynamo Software since late 2017, Hank Boughner leads its management team and defines its vision and long-term strategy

Understanding the mindset of a potential partner is really at the fulcrum for building a successful engagement. This is especially necessary during challenging financial times, when some firms tend to cling to traditional strategies while others prefer to innovate through the turbulence.

This is no different for fund managers and investors. General Partners (GPs) strive to understand asset allocation strategies, prioritization frameworks and the investment commitment levels of their Limited Partners (LPs). After all, LPs are their customers. Of course, the information flow is symmetrical, with LPs wanting similar types of insight and data on how their GP investment partners are approaching various investment opportunities. Additionally, they want to be able to slice and dice that data for insights by strategy, region, vertical, and company type, among many other cohorts.

To arm both GPs and LPs with such insights, our firm surveyed global leaders across the alternative investments landscape. The findings illuminate where the mindsets of GPs and LPs align, as well as where they diverge.

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