Dynamo Software surveyed 100 GP and LP clients on ESG, DEI and their priorities in recent months, finding that a minority (18%) attributed little importance to ESG ratings.

Not quite half (45%) of respondents said that ESG ratings were either “very important” or “extremely important/essential” and another 37% said the ratings are “somewhat important.”

At first glance, the responses seem straightforward,” said Danielle Pepin, head of product, portfolio monitoring and valuation, ESG and mobile at Dynamo. “However, they start to get convoluted when looking at how respondents feel about ESG performance.”

The team found that participants were less enthusiastic about ESG investment performance. Only 45% said that ESG-focused investments perform better and 44% said the performance was the same as non-ESG investments. A small number, 11%, said ESG investments performed worse.

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