In a Nutshell: Dynamo Software is a technology service company that provides a configurable, cloud-based platform that consolidates front, middle and back office operations in a single system, and offers industry-leading solutions in the alternative investments space. The company has operated for over 20 years creating investment management solutions for general and limited partner clients to ensure they can adapt to changes within the industry. Dynamo’s CRM is designed to help fund managers with deal sourcing and track research, opportunities, and progress all in one place.


All types of investment firms require technology and software capabilities that enable them to maximize performance and develop internal systems processes to gain efficiency across the investment lifecycle. That has been Dynamo Software’s specialty for over 20 years, and its platform and related products have made it a leader in alternative investments fintechs.

In 1998, Dynamo’s Founder and now Chief Product Officer, Krassen Draganov, identified the need for an industry-specific CRM at the time for general partners (GPs), as well as limited partners (LPs). And over the years, the basis of the expansion into the alternative asset industry has been built upon the notion of configurability, as opposed to customization or custom code.

Dynamo’s configurable, cloud-based platform has been built specifically for the alternatives ecosystem which allows the software company to expand across both GPs and LPs, building an out-of-the-box version of Dynamo that specifically caters to those clients’ needs. And while the main platform development is designed in a specific way, it can also be tailored to fit a client’s specific needs and use cases to drive adoption and improve the learning curve of adopting to a new system.

After two decades of providing end-to-end services for investment management, the company now has over 1,000 clients, which has helped establish Dynamo as an industry powerhouse within the space.

Cloud-Based and Versatile Investment Management

Dynamo exclusively serves the alternative asset industry, across GPs and LPs, most of its typical GP clients consist of asset managers, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate, and infrastructure firms.

On the LP side, the company caters to allocators, which often include endowments, pensions, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and foundations.

Arie Oustinoff, Dynamo Software’s Head of Global Sales, said he is often asked how Dynamo collects feedback from clients. He said that listening to current and prospective clients over the years has really helped shape the company’s product roadmap.

“We conduct regular roundtables and conferences,” said Oustinoff. “We have what we call Dynamo University, which is where we bring on hundreds of clients to really hear about what challenges they see in the industry. Not only what challenges they see now, what they see in the upcoming couple years.”

This type of feedback has helped develop Dynamo’s solution to address those challenges, and the company works in collaboration with its partners to ensure that Dynamo remains innovative and at the forefront of the industry now, but also where it’s going moving forward.


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