In early 2019, Dynamo Software, a leading alternative asset management and CRM platform, announced a partnership with Strategic Generation, a firm specializing in cybersecurity, DevOps, and change and release management, to advance our data integration and visualization capabilities.

As a Dynamo Software technology integration partner, Strategic Generation will provide custom solutions that promote Dynamo-as-a-Platform (“DaaP”), providing Dynamo end users with advanced data visualization, reporting, and seamless integration with third-party providers.  Strategic Generation Integration Services provides solutions that integrate third party distributed data with Dynamo to provide a deeper level of insight for marketing, investor relations, sales, and client services teams.

“The goal of the partnership is to push beyond conventional boundaries and further empower our customers in the alternative investment space. The professional services component provided by Strategic Generation will fulfill immediate technology requests and provide customized solutions to Dynamo end users. This partnership emphasizes the importance both companies put on driving customer value.” – Nnamdi Osuagwu, CEO Strategic Generation

Data Integrations

Dynamo’s unified asset management platform eliminates the need for data to be held across multiple systems and improves financial transparency internally and externally. Leading third-party data providers should be directly integrated alongside fund and investor performance data and proprietary information in one system. Dynamo’s partnership with Strategic Generation will strengthen integration with fund administrators, data providers, data warehouses, portals, and proprietary software platforms via APIs, SFTP, and the Dynamo Import/Export Studio.


Users will also benefit from powerful data visualization tools, such as SSRS, Microsoft PowerBI, and Tableau. This partnership will help enable alternative asset firms to leverage Dynamo as the central hub in all stages of the investment life cycle, and allow for these visualizations to be implemented throughout the platform or in other areas within the clients’ firms and reporting paradigms.

With this new partnership, Dynamo Software and Strategic Generation are pleased to provide Dynamo users new, advanced reporting modules with additional checks and balances to improve operations. Contact us for more information on how our advanced reporting, security, and data management features can usher your firm into the future.

In its 2018 Investment Management Outlook, Deloitte predicted, “Firms may find that they can rent talent and technology while owning the processes and oversight to help achieve agility, increased efficiency, and reduced cost.” This prediction is realized in Dynamo’s partnership with Strategic Generation.

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