Investment professionals’ inboxes are constantly flooded with emails and documents from investment opportunities, clients, current portfolio holdings and service providers. This daily influx of emails and documents contain critical information used by the front, middle, and back-office teams. To efficiently leverage these emails and documents, it is critical to “tag” them and link them to all the appropriate entities in your CRM system.

Legacy CRM systems continue to require users to manually specify tags on their content, which takes time and is often not comprehensive. Missed tags can lead to missed opportunities down the line, and hinder collaboration between global offices. That’s why Dynamo developed Dynamo AI: Auto-Tagging.

The Next Generation of RMS

Dynamo AI uses Generative AI technologies to instantly scan the Content and Title of your emails and documents to intelligently suggest relevant tags.

Automatically suggested tags are opt-out rather than opt-in, ensuring relevant tags are comprehensively set. With suggested tag options at the contact, fund, deal, and company levels, your inbound communications and data are effortlessly linked to all relevant Dynamo entities and tagged with the metadata that can trigger other processes and reporting.  Once a user accepts the tags, the email and its attachments are uploaded and made instantly accessible to colleagues via your Dynamo database.

Auto-tagging connects all contacts, companies, deals, or funds to the relevant activity based on text identified in the title or body.

Auto-tagging On the Go

We know your job often takes you away from your desk, and notes taken on the road can be some of the most valuable. With our Dynamo Mobile iOS app, you can upload notes and communications as activities directly into Dynamo from your mobile device.

Small screens and large fingers can present challenges when working within a mobile interface, however. Auto-tagging with Dynamo allows you to achieve maximum organization while minimizing manual steps. Integrated with the Dynamo plug-in for Office 365, this feature is available via the Outlook iOS app, desktop, and web interfaces.

Attention Existing Dynamo Clients!

Dynamo AI: Auto-Tagging is currently available for implementation. Please speak with your Dynamo representative if you are interested.

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Hunter Fogarty serves as a Product Manager at Dynamo Software, specializing in generative AI and machine learning technologies, as well as integration and analysis capabilities for investment firms. He has prior experience working with both General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) to identify FinTech use cases to help optimize investment workflows.