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Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Banking
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M&A deal management software from Dynamo provides investment teams with deal process management and due diligence solutions that increase efficiency and promote collaboration. M&A teams, corporate development teams, and investment bankers can streamline processes with automated workflows and configurable work spaces.

M&A Deal Management Software

Dynamo’s M&A deal management software empowers investment teams through the entire process. Users can source deals through our pre-built integrations with third-party databases and track each stage of the deal pipeline in our advanced CRM. Dynamo is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office® suite, with plug-ins for both Excel and Outlook, so you can easily import emails and export reports. With our integrated mobile app with card scanning, trip mapping, and report generation, M&A road warriors can continue to manage their deal pipelines within Dynamo from anywhere.

M&A Due Diligence Software

With Dynamo, users can automate M&A and investment banking due diligence processes by creating custom, rules-driven workflows that guide and capture critical research and team interactions. With historical data and updated research data stored in a central repository, Dynamo makes it easy to gain insight and context, and make informed investment decisions. Our data model allows for complex entity and relationship structures and our highly configurable interface allows the system to adapt to each team and evolve to meet your entire organization’s needs.

Dynamo fosters advanced data management

Organizing documents and notes is important. Turning those insights into real, digestible data points is what drives much of Dynamo’s product development. Dynamo helps you create real data and let it work for you through rules driven workflows and reporting, so you can visualize information and identify areas for deeper due diligence.

We have flexible deployment options that include Dynamo’s secure cloud, private cloud, or even on-premises hosting to adhere to even the largest global investment banks’ data ownership and security requirements.

With Dynamo, your mergers and acquisitions deal process becomes a highly collaborative effort with all cylinders firing in perfect time.

It’s time to be Dynamo Driven!

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