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The Dynamo Platform was born out of a private equity firm needing to centralize their operations.  20 years later Dynamo streamlines deal management, and improves research and due diligence processes for hundreds of deal teams worldwide. Today, Dynamo’s clients represent trillions of dollars of investment assets.

Deal Management Solutions

Dynamo’s M&A Deal Management features empower investment teams through the entire process: from sourcing deals using third party databases, to rules-driven workflows that guide and capture critical research and due diligence.  Our data model allows for complex entity and relationship structures and our highly configurable interface pleases the most demanding users.

Third-Party Integration

Tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office® suite, Dynamo also has an integrated mobile app with card scanning, mapping, report generation, and off-line capabilities that allow M&A road warriors to be productive without opening their laptop.

Our experienced team understands your business, accelerating your implementation and loading of historical data and, if requested, integration with other data sources through the Dynamo Data Integration Framework or custom API connections.

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Dynamo guides your deal management with data management

Organizing documents and notes is important.  Turning those insights into real data points and allowing them to identify areas for deeper due diligence or to visualize information that goes beyond a paragraph is what drives much of Dynamo’s product development.  Dynamo helps you create real data and let it work for you through rules driven workflows and reporting.

We understand that you may need a choice.  We have flexible deployment options that include Dynamo’s secure cloud, private cloud or even on-premises hosting to adhere to even the largest global investment banks’ data ownership and security requirements.

With Dynamo, your mergers and acquisitions deal process becomes a highly collaborative effort with all cylinders firing in perfect time.

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