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Some of the world’s largest single and multi-family offices run their multi-asset class portfolio management, research, and operational due diligence processes through Family Office Software from Dynamo™. Dynamo can automate your collection of information from prospective and portfolio funds, clarify investment pipelines, and streamline multi-asset class portfolio management and complex stakeholder reporting.

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Dynamo’s family office investment software is highly configurable, allowing you to automate many of your middle and back-office processes related to managing multi-asset portfolios. With Dynamo’s advanced qualitative and quantitative due diligence features, and liquidity, exposure, and what-if reporting, you can make confident allocation decisions to managers and direct deals.


Dynamo’s advanced portfolio management features allow users to manage portfolios containing any variety of asset classes, including: hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate, separately managed accounts, and any other type of direct investment or co-mingled fund.  With the acquisition of Preqin Solutions, Dynamo streamlines better than ever the monitoring of portfolio companies and aggregating their financials.

Family Office Portfolio Management

Dynamo’s advanced single and multi-family office software solutions offer complex ownership tracking and portfolio management functionality. With Dynamo, you can chart hierarchical ownership structures across multiple trusts and partnerships. Dynamo also offers hedge fund liquidity and cash flow forecasting modules, so you can project performance and reallocation scenarios.

Our data capture and normalization service, HoldingsInsight, allows you to monitor portfolio performance across all asset classes and entities. This service is specifically designed to aid family offices’ efforts in normalizing the flood of information managers, fund administrators, and custodians are constantly distributing. HoldingsInsight helps family offices collect, normalize, and augment underlying exposure information while also providing data visualizations through Dynamo reports and dashboards.

Family Office Research Management Software

A structured research management process is the key to making informed investment decisions. That’s why Dynamo has created multiple tools with the express goal of reducing the manual efforts typically required to capture information from the potentially hundreds (or even thousands) of prospective investment opportunities and current portfolio holdings. Dynamo Exchange automates the collection, tagging, and linking of emails and their attachments, data room documents, and account statements; while the Data Integration Framework (DIF) provides pre-configured data access to 3rd party sources like HFR, Preqin, Sutton Place, Bloomberg, and Cap IQ. Dynamo also integrates 13F filings to help expand the limited transparency typically received from many managers.

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Dynamo’s family office software centralizes the underlying holdings of managers and SMA’s to help reconcile portfolios, provide accurate exposure reporting, and ultimately drive better investment decisions. Our Import/Export Studio allows you to upload data directly from your custodian banks to ensure the accuracy of transaction and valuation details. This ensures accurate reporting of both time and asset-weighted performance metrics for individual and aggregate views.

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