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Dynamo Software offers research management, portfolio management, and stakeholder reporting for endowments, foundations, pensions, insurance funds, funds of funds, and family offices worldwide.

Dynamo’s cloud-based, modular structure allows you to configure the system to meet your team’s needs.

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Dynamo’s document collection and workflow automation features allow institutional investors to conduct in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis and optimize organization-wide information flow. Our dedicated research management software integrates with the CRM to help you aggregate and organize investment and fund manager data.

Drive Your Investment Due Diligence and Reporting

As operational due diligence now covers all third-party funds and direct investments, Dynamo’s robust data integrations and ability to streamline qualitative and quantitative data and related documentation makes it the preferred research management and manager tracking platform for asset owners across the globe. We can even integrate 13F filings to augment the limited transparency typically seen from many managers. Dynamo’s multi-asset class portfolio management tools provide liquidity, exposure, and what-if reporting to help decide future allocations to managers and co-investments.

Dynamo’s LP software allows users to pull in data from fund administrators and custodians, integrating SMA holdings to help reconcile portfolios and get a more accurate picture of exposures. Dynamo Software’s data capture and normalization service, HoldingsInsight, can help you normalize the flood of information managers and administrators constantly distribute.

Centralize your investment operations in Dynamo

Dynamo has a suite of integrations and plug-ins that allow you to maximize your use of the Dynamo interface by centralizing data and operations from multiple sources:

  • Dynamo’s Data Integration Framework (DIF) allows Dynamo users to connect with 3rd-party data providers via pre-built connections or our secure API.
  • Dynamo is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office® suite, allowing you to easily import/export Excel reports, Outlook emails and reminders, and calendar items.
  • Our mobile app gives you access to your full database and helps you make updates and run reports in real time from the road.

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